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American Society: Degradation, Exploitation and Humiliation

American Society: Degradation, Exploitation and Humiliation

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                Two lasting values remain in American culture. The act and in a broad Western sense, the art of consumption, even when there are no means for such consumption to take place and the continued rhetoric for armed militarist adventurism with little articulate thinking. What is left of America, is a big hateful shopping mall filled with armed riflemen at every corner waiting to shoot off into the night with no particular target in sight. The hate resonates deep, although in a society that attempts to pride itself as ‘post-racial’, when the issue of race comes up, the pre-dominant white social structure is the prevailing end sum game, one needs only to look to Missouri to see this or towards the treatment of migrants attempting to escape poor living conditions near the border.             

                In conjunction with the hate, comes the continued consumption and the war mongering. The two are more connected than one would think, they fit together as if pieces to a puzzle and the puzzle box says “Western society.” Consumption for the sake of consumption is the attitude that American culture is founded on. It is the last embodiment of American capitalism in the post-modern era. The slogan for it being “even though, I cannot afford it and I am already in debt… Surely, I must purchase it.” A warped civic duty of sorts to buy what cannot be afforded and to knowingly and acceptingly embrace a society of virtual imprisonment by commercialization and economic exploitation as the normality with no critical thinking of how the run down could potentially be altered for the betterment of the people.

                In line with the consumption comes the war mongering. As in order for Western capitalism, specifically American society to continue it’s functioning, it requires the constant explosion of the bomb. With the hate as a lasting form of culture in the United States, it no longer matters who the target is or isn’t, it just matters that there exists a target. The folly doesn’t have to be constricted to the Arab region of the world. Narratives can be cooked up in a sort of pseudo-justification for bombing in minutes and the people for the most part en masse will clap along unquestioningly or without thoughts of potential reaction.

                “Great American society”… A culture of degradation, humiliation and exploitation. Completed by it’s uncharacteristic new illiteracy, the new illiteracy not just being in terms of education– but in the very ideas of global understanding.  A wide view of the world is incapable for most American people, with centricity being only on that of the continent of the Americas, particularly with the United States at the center of the people. “Here lay others” in all other spots of the map, but with no real idea of what is where or who is who, and what is what. Doom lays ahead, the road is filled with spikes and for those on the public bus, the common people of all backgrounds in the United States, the conditions will only continue to get worse if American society and the American people aren’t able to analyze their problems critically and build new ways forward.


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