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Iraq Under Sights Again

                                Iraq Under Sights Again

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                US militarist war hawks take aim above Iraq again. American F16’s and drones have once more filled the sky threatening to drop their payloads when and there they want. The American intervention comes under the guise of anti-ISIS/ISIL operations. From their initial invasion to 2003 to their withdrawal in 2011, the United States military was unable to quell a growing insurgency and fueled the fire to an inter-sectarian war in 2006/2007. The war mongering clique of Washington, this time centric around Barack Obama has the idea that a glowing success will come from humanitarian bombing’. At the same time, the NATO success of Libya, once the highest GDP of all North Africa and a nation on the path towards a bright future, sinks deeper into real civil war.

                In NATO circles there is little words of responsibility and all the hard talk. In fact, it is expected of these people to sound as harsh as possible in order to not seem weak. The macho attitude completely ignores all reality once more and sets youth on the course of a clash in Iraq. Just how many Americans will be killed in Iraq once more? How many Sunnis? How many Shi’ites? How many will result from the opening up of these new pro-US bombing fronts in order to aid the besieged and delegitimized Iraqi government of Baghdad.

                “Don’t douse fire with petrol” is an old saying that comes to mind. You can’t put a fire out that is burning at it’s height with more fire… In this case, the American made and commanded F16’s are more fire and the already burning fire is the deteriorating situation that was created via US invasion and occupation. When the US came to Iraq, it came without knowledge of Iraqi politics and  culture. It looked at the country as alien from it’s own and like a colonist attempted to dictate to the Iraqi people, what must be. As the British Empire and other Empires before it, it installed cliques of exiled factions in order to do it’s bidding which ultimately failed in the end as the group realized it’s own self-sustaining and face saving was more important than to serve the interests of US foreign policy.

                While the bombings play out in Iraq sanctioned by Obama… The United States government, once more attempts to dictate to the Iraqi government, the course of which it should take in terms of leadership. Barack Obama, a man for his impotently famous redlines has decided to threaten Prime Minister Maliki if he does not leave his post… Iraq, a sovereign nation has it’s domestic policies under assault again by the United States government. The United States preaches that Maliki “may be” the cause of sectarianism in Iraq and a rooting factor, but where exactly has this attitude been in Ukraine where the President has divided the people even more so than before and what about in Israel? Of course, for these two… A different standard has been given and the two have received different notions of treatment.

                Just another day in the empire going by… With no consequences being regarded. During the 8th month of 2014, August,  the world nears a new Cold War as a result of US foreign policy in Ukraine which has been to promote NATO encroachment. It also faces wide security risks and sectarian violence as the result of illegal wars of past days and the current policies of funding foreign militants and meddling in the affairs of sovereign governments. What remains the same, is the refusal to admit any misdoing or to correct these affairs. But what could you expect, a government that has so much to gain from the killing of others, to correct it’s own wrong doings?


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