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Third Intifada

                                                Third Intifada

                                Written by Aaron Peterson        

                Today the popular masses rise for victory throughout Palestine. In the West Bank, the recent Israeli siege on Gaza has been met with the rising of mass demonstrations. These demonstrations have been unarmed and peaceful in nature. The demonstrations have been carried out in the interests of the urge to liberate the land of Palestine and to gain self-determination for the Palestinian people.

                The popular protests have thus far been met with the use of live ammunition in an attempt to put them down by Israeli forces. But Israeli forces have been unable to break the popular movement. The use of live fire, is just another sign of the troubled course that the Israeli government is continuing to push on the people of Palestine.  This has been combined with the recent siege on Gaza and the continued aggression over the last several years.

                What has been completely ignored in it’s entirety from the situation has been the possibility of a third uprising in Palestine, an intifada. This comes with the Palestinian people having been disillusioned of the commitment for Israel to properly negotiate and to uphold international obligations related to an independent Palestinian state. It also comes with the recent timing of a Palestinian Unity Government prior to the most recent siege on Gaza and reconciliation between the forces in Gaza and those in the West Bank.

                Released by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was this statement which resonates the feeling of the Palestinian people:
“People are calling for the development and escalation of the popular movement today, Friday (July 25th, 2014)
It was confirmed by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that the popular movement epic last night at the Qalandiya checkpoint,Al Aqsa Mosque and other neighborhoods of Jerusalem and several West Bank cities and refugee camps, is a natural extension of our valiant people’s resistance in the Gaza Strip as an integral part and paints epic cohesion and unity of the people in a single, unified struggle in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank and the occupied territories of ’48. 
Our people will not leave the Zionist enemy to his heinous crimes and genocide against our people and the resistance in Gaza. Steadfastness and victory, and that the march of the 48 thousand and recent confrontations which constitute heroic sacrifices mark only the beginning of a popular will to continue until we achieve victory in Gaza, and all the land of Palestine. 
It has been called for the popular masses; our people and other national and Islamic forces to continue the demonstrations and clashes on Friday, within the walls of Jerusalem, the Qalandiya checkpoint and all areas of contact with the occupation. 

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 
Central Information Department 


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