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Gaza: Defiance Everlasting


                                Gaza: Defiance Everlasting

                Sadistic, ruthless violence against the people of Gaza continues. The violence that has plagued Gaza since the beginning of the onslaught by Israel has thus far claimed the lives of over 300 men, women and children. The majority of the casualties having been civilians. The “fourth largest” military on Earth which claims to use techniques of focusing on targeting ‘members of Hamas’ has for the most part been responsible in casualties of civilians. At the same time, in complete contradiction to all logical thinking and to the sheer dismay of self-respecting people around the world, the Israeli regime has chosen once more to insult the intelligence of the world, as to what it is committing against the people of Palestine.

                Once more it attempts to use the word ‘defense’, in over to justify it’s misappropriate use of force against the people of Palestine, specifically against the people of the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip, which is roughly the size of 139 SQ miles… To put this size to comparison, the Gaza Strip is the size of Southern Florida with a population of 1,816,379 people . The people of Gaza have no way of importing needed supplies into their land, as the government of Israel has sealed off the border in order to effectively starve the people and from the Egyptian side the border has been sealed off as well. The people of the Gaza Strip, the 1,816,379 people live with the average earning of 6,000 US dollars per year and that is if they are privileged enough to earn that amount of money.  The people of Gaza have no way of escaping their horror… To the world it is just another continuation of Israel’s bombing campaign, the bi-annual horror show that seems to happen every 3 or so years when Israel feels the need to bomb the Palestinian people to show it’s sheer dominance and to destroy any sense of rebuilding.

                In spite of all that has been done, in spite of the blockade, in spite of the bombings and the killings. The Palestinian people still continue to stand as proud as they can be. At the end of the day, the people of Gaza remain defiant.  When the people of the world ask, what motivates the Palestinian people to continue their struggle? They must understand, the Palestinian people are a people who have been uprooted from their land first in 1948 through ethnic cleansing in which the majority was forced to move to the land of the West Bank, Gaza and to various Arab nations, and then in 1967, when their homeland in it’s entirety was strangled under Israeli occupation. Having nothing to lose, means having everything to gain for the Palestinian people. For the Palestinian people, it is a struggle of life and death.

                The demands have been made exceptionally clear. The demands of various Palestinian organizations, which make up the resistance against the occupation have been modest. They have asked for the lifting of the blockade which has stunted any potential rebuilding of the Gaza Strip and has starved the people of Gaza for several years. They have demanded the ability to not suffer the humility of being attacked by the regime in Israel whenever it chooses to do so as a PR stunt and an end to the internationally recognized illegal settlements, which have forced many more Palestinians off their land and continue to do so. Yet, certain entities like a person blaming a rape victim, accuse the Palestinians of being wrong in their attempting to resist the occupation.


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