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What The World Doesn’t Mention About Palestine

What The World Doesn’t Mention About Palestine

Written by Aaron Peterson

                There exists a popular mythology of Israel under attack from all sides, with the Palestinian people serving in the interests of a massive strike against the state. However this is completely unfounded. Have rockets been fired from Gaza across the border into Israel? Of course they have, the Palestinians have few means of attempting to fight back, rockets are one of the few ways. When you are dominated by a far larger opponent who doesn’t respect your right to even exist and continually strikes down on you, you make do with what you have. So, many other nationalities have done in times of great strife. When China was under Japanese attack, it was attempted to make due with untrained guerilla irregulars who were regularly slaughtered by the Japanese Imperial Army and as a collective punishment, civilians were raped and slaughtered. The same exists for Gaza today. The lie being put forth, is that the small Gaza Strip presents such a frightening threat for the Israelis. Really now? In the past weeks, it was the Israeli government who sparked the fight with operations overreacting all over the Gaza Strip and West Bank, scores were killed… Israeli injuries? Next to none. So this, powerful militancy, this great threat is seemingly unable to wage a proper war against someone of a larger size, power and with superior weaponry. Where exactly is the threat? Isn’t this what you call someone forced against the wall and provoked on every corner into acting even when it means death?

                The Palestinian people have no trained or united military force. They have not been able to equip a modernized army or even a modernized guerilla force and are rarely even able to break the lines in order to perform retaliatory attacks. Yet, on the other hand Israel does and it overreacts with the complete and utter bombing of the Gaza Strip. There is nowhere to go for the Palestinians, nowhere to hide and nowhere to run, the constant sound of drones and F16’s in the air hovering over them dropping bombs. The Egyptian border is closed, as is the Israeli border. In reaction to this, the Palestinian people have been forced to take up the rocks, stones and homemade rockets. The homemade rockets don’t gain positions, they don’t gain ground but they show the world they still exist. In one of the largest open air ghettos in the world showing you still exist means everything.

                For years, along with not being able to have a trained or united defensive force, the Palestinians are not able to import defensive weapons. This means they have been embargoed to the lowest of military equipment to protect themselves. Not even were the situations such dire or one sided in Vietnam. The Palestinian people have no anti-aircraft or missile defense systems. They have no proper recourse to fight a fair battle against aerial hordes of the IDF. With this in the mind, the ‘Palestinian targets’ according to the IDF are completely and utterly defenseless. They cannot be defended by the Palestinian people and they cannot be secured even at a basic level. As there is no ability to form an aerial defense force in the most basic way. There have been no SCUD’s, SAM’s or the likes to even the war out. Instead, it is a one sided massacre.

                To make matters worse for the Palestinian people… While the Israelis across the border have extravagant bomb shelters which they hide in from rockets incapable of doing even proper damage as artillery to level the field. The Palestinian people have no shelters to hide in, they have to resort in hiding in their homes and praying for dear life that the next strike won’t be the last thing they hear. The Palestinian people are unable to import reinforced concrete or other building materials to build bomb shelters to protect their citizens. Wonder why the casualties on the side in Gaza are so high? This plays a part. It is impossible to properly defend your populace when you cannot even have the dignity to give them save hiding spots from the constant aerial bombings.

                Now what has Israel done? To begin with, Israel has closed all border crossing from Gaza for seven years! This has meant seven years without food or even basic supplies, cut off to a bare minimum to starve the Palestinians into submission. This means limits to fuel and medical supplies as well, creating an open air prison. The Egyptians in cohort with the Israelis have backed this up and all material has been blocked from entering Gaza to even help rebuild it after the bombings and the destruction. It is impossible to exist, when the very things you need to exist in the modern age have been taken away from you. It is only rational as a result to be angry and to continue to fight and scoff at treaties when the government who has imposed these sanctions on you has no real idea of following through with peace.

                Hospitals and medical centers have been attacked. The Israeli army has dropped precision smart bombs on centers for the disabled and hospitals in the Gaza Strip. This not only has threatened the very safety and lives of the wounded, it has killed. It continues to kill, there is no safe place even for the wounded to hide in Gaza and the wounded are unable to receive proper treatment as the course of action is to break the people into submission. Attempting to break the people of Gaza into complete and utter submission by attacking hospitals and medical centers is the aim. It is the belief that if the Israeli military is able to destroy the basic course of healing the sick and wounded, it will somehow break the Palestinian right to exist and it will force upon them it’s own rulings. Note, this hasn’t worked and continues not to work.

                Foremost, the actions of Israel amount of collective punishment. Collective punishment is by it’s very definition punishing the entire population for the activities of armed groupings or for that matter militaries. It was collective punishment when villages were uprooted due to the activities of resistance figures in Nazi occupied Europe, when entire villages were burnt down. It is the same exact collective punishment when entire Palestinian homes are destroyed and civilian centers are bombed out.  The idea of “targeting Hamas militants” is used as a disguise for Israel to arbitrarily whenever it feels like to harm the residents of the Gaza Strip and attempt to create divisions in order to break them. Let this serve as a reminder, as to why Gaza has not seen peace, cannot see peace and has no other recourse than to fight for it’s survival while it is under the constant siege of the world’s fourth largest army in the world– Israel.


One comment on “What The World Doesn’t Mention About Palestine

  1. Violet
    January 25, 2015

    thank you for this truthful post that no one is brave enough to talk about

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