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No Negotiations, No More Settlements: Palestine


                                No Negotiations, No More Settlements: Palestine

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                The world continues to make demands of the Palestinian people to capitulate their dignity into accepting another ceasefire with the name of Israel. For the past, 11 years since the Oslo Agreements which were put forth by the signatories as the way to a Palestinian state, the Israeli government has not followed a single of their agreements. In fact, they have broken them at every will, they have continually detained and interned young Palestinian men and women for political reasons, continue illegal settlements and engage in collective punishments.  Palestinians are being asked to yet again, capitulate to the government that continues to oppress them because of the mass slaughter and bloodshed that the warplanes hanging over Gaza by Israel are giving to the Palestinian people, specifically in Gaza. The warplanes continue to strike, and they strike in a way of force that is completely over that of which the resistance is capable of and they leave the smell of death behind. The Palestinian people though soldier on and in the face of great odds they continue to push for renewed resistance against what is chaining them.

                For the past several years, more so than ever before… The Palestinian people have been forced into a wall by their occupier and they have suffered as a plain and clear result of this. The Palestinian people have been starved and slaughtered in the Gaza Strip without remorse, in cold calculated attacks to break their very will to exist. Even with this, the Palestinian people choose the path of resistance even knowing the steep hill ahead. In fact, with every hundred Palestinian deaths by the Israeli government, the Palestinian people lay their martyrs to sleep but in their hearts they know that each man, woman, boy and girl is a hero to the people of Palestine. These are men, women and children who have been killed for simply existing, they are above all the bravest of the brave, they have had their lands occupied and they have been chained for far too long. With each rocket fired from Gaza, a voice is made shouting to the world and to the Israeli government, amid other governments that the Palestinian voice won’t be going away anytime soon.

                There are those who say for the sake of peace the Palestinians should roll over, yet, the Palestinians have rolled over for the past 11 years since Oslo. Every single time, it has amounted in nothing for the Palestinian people. It has not moved Palestine closer towards statehood, in fact it has driven it further with dictates being made from Gulf States and Western countries to recognize the legitimacy of Israel. The guise this comes under is recognizing the legitimacy of a “Jewish state”. If a Jewish state were recognized by the people of Palestine,  it would be the ultimate capitulation and a betrayal to every firm stance since 1948 when Nakba began. A Jewish state would be recognizing supremacy and it would be a pure betrayal for the right to return and the right to live anywhere in Palestine, not simply in a single sector of Palestine.

                It has been clear when spoken, the Palestinian people and the resistance respectively have wanted a one state solution. One united state comprising all of Palestine. The supporters of the two state solution, only work to serve the interests of political Zionism. They support an autonomous state which in no real way can ever be independent. Through this, they perform their ultimate attack on the people of Palestine with harsh blows claiming to speak in their name.

                The war is one sided in Gaza, it is a massacre by the Israeli government. Though it remains a massacre, the Palestinian people cannot capitulate and tuck their tails in between their legs for the sake of peace. Peace without principles would mean for the people of Palestine and every member of the Palestinian diaspora who has been exiled from their homes that they have been defeated. Defeat is not an option for Palestine, what the only option is continuing a steadfast and unbroken  struggle, even when the airstrikes fall on Gaza. The call should resolutely remain justly that there will be no negotiations that violate the Palestinian rights towards their land without the complete withdrawal of the IDF from the occupied West Bank and of Israel retreating to the 1967 borders. When it remains in territories where it occupies Palestinians, it continues the occupation and the war. With this, it is impossible to have a real settlement.

                While American politicians and the likes demand the recognition of a Jewish state, where has been the Israeli recognition for the Palestinian state been? Where has Israel once admitted the Palestinian are a free and separate people? Never once, have the Israeli government truly accepted this and instead they have used  a warped history in cases of extremity to call the Palestinian people not belonging to the land at all, and instead to Jordan. How can a serious negotiation ever be made with someone who denies your very right to exist and continues a campaign of bombing and intimidation against your people? With the costs higher than ever, with the bombs dropping down… The world sees what the true intentions of Israel are, but while the world may see and while the world can only watch, it should be for the Palestinian people a reaffirmation to continue their struggle against oppression. 


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