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“Freedom of Speech”: A Response to Bigotry

“Freedom of Speech”: A Response to Bigotry

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                With each insult of racism or likewise behavior, it is the individual who spouts such vile content of their true intentions. Intentions of hiding in the dark under the visage of “free speech” to formulate key activities against minorities, women and LBGTQ people. It goes under the excuse of “religious freedom” in order to serve the interests of bigotry. The same freedom in the sense of the closing out of African American students in Alabama and attempting to taunt and terrorize them with insults. The terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan which attempting to intimidate the African American community into weakness through the bombing of black churches or the lynching of brothers and sisters where they could do so,  and when they most definitely had help in doing so.

                To the privileged members of a racial and sexual background, it is just a “joke” or “not happening” anymore. The rest of the world suffers the open wounds daily and has to fight through the tide of sexism, racism and homophobia. The rest of the world is expected to this type of crowd to accept their bigotry under the guise of freedom of speech in order to allow them a platform in order to build upon their own bigoted views.

                Freedom of speech for an oppressor? Freedom of speech should serve the rising and oppressed peoples. “Freedom of speech”, should not be used to be warped in order to serve the freedom of exploitation. For is it not likewise an importance to deny the freedom of the slave owner? Those who would argue that it is their person freedom to maintain bondage over a fellow man? Or likewise, the same to provide such a viewpoint where they have put forth the argument in order to justify it and as a result they serve in the same respect, an oppressor as the rest.

                The mythology of individualism of so-called “freedom of speech” has given the rise to the freedom of ignorance and with the freedom of ignorance, the freedom of self-serving crucifixion on the hands of those who maintain persecution. The men who hate women, the xenophobes and furthermore those who maintain likewise positions in a feign attempt will continue their attempts to use these arguments in order to put their own ideas forward. Yet, at the same time, the people who have continued to struggle, the people who have been firm in their standpoint of resistance. Resistance being the ultimate state of opposition, to which an injustice is rejected to the degree of not being allowed to occur any longer is instead put forth; will most surely continue to struggle. The tears and silent screams of those who hide under the guise of freedom of speech will not deter the people for their final everlasting victory, it will not protect their interests. Instead, the voices of the risen people will serve as a hammer and nail them in their coffin shut.

                When you see the white supremacist, the “men’s right activist” and the “fundamentalist homophobe”, there is no need to fear. As with every short winded voice rising from these individuals, they serve as a reaffirmation as the conditions have not changed. That instead the conditions remain the same and the idea of peaceful co-existence with those who would give none is otherwise an impossibility… Instead, the path of resistance must be taken forward in order to silent those who would seek to if quiet or accepting of the conditions of “free speech”, crush the people and use it as a propaganda tool in the same way it had been used so many times in the past.


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