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New Palestine

New Palestine

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                In the support of the Palestinian movement for liberation and independence, it is a necessity to explore all possible options towards the creation of a single state comprising all the people of historic Palestine. As many recognize, it is impossible for there to exist a Palestinian state while at the same time, a Zionist state exists. This is of course, in the sense that such a state would be a constant usurpation over the Palestinian right for self-determination. In the form of the resulting state having an unfair advantage in terms of military power, development and making the ultimate rules of boundaries, along with the threat of population transfers and additional uprooting from the land.

                In the 1970’s an idea was brought forward by the Irish political organization Sinn Fein for the building of a federal all-Ireland republic.  In this document, it was envisaged that an all-Ireland republic could be created through the dissolution of both the state of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, in order to build a federal state across both sides of the border. Under the policy of Eire Nua, there would exist parliaments for all of the historical based provinces and an additional central parliament in order to ensure a proper balance. What Eire Nua would give would be self-determination for the mainly Unionist Protestant community which would be given self-government in a United Ireland, with the protection for the mainly Nationalist Catholic community guaranteeing that abuses could not be made in the respect of this ability for self-government and that the two powers would remain on an equal footing to ensure that neither could oppress the other.  As well, the federal parliamentary organization of the idea would address economic imbalance between Eastern and Western parts of Ireland, in order to build a sense of strong economic development for a United Ireland.

                The federal idea of Eire Nua, not only applies to the Irish Republican movement, but it also in many respects proposes an idea for other occupied territories in creating unitary states founded on equal grounding in order to solve issues of sectarianism, division and self-determination. In particular, the situation in Palestine towards creating a single state comprised of all of historic Palestine with all cultures of the land represented, Muslim, Christian or Jewish — no matter the ethnic group. In this respect, the policy of federalization would be the savior of the Palestinian people and perhaps, the most revolutionary development in history towards creating a state of unity and fermenting the cause of progress as opposed to that of destruction.

                How would federalization work in the state of Palestine, furthermore in an all Palestinian state? It would include the right of direct council meetings to present issues and for the issues to be directly solved through democratic representation.  This would be the lowest parliamentary power for a federalized Palestine, it would have links not on ethnic grounds but on the grounds of the people whether Jewish, Arab or other in building new solutions and respecting their democratic will.  Following this, would be district councils, a basic governance structure to serve the needs of individuals and families in the interests of social welfare, education, labor guidance, trading and employment, housing, planning permission, industry, agriculture and other developments.  Within this second council, the first council would be able to be represented on an equal basis at the meetings in order to ensure fairness and the ability of the people to receive equal rights. For example: Issues of illegal settlements in the West Bank could be decided through the work of democratic meetings involving Palestinian communities in order to discuss the issues from the perspective of Palestinians of the problem that such illegal settlements are creating. Education plans could be focused on in such a new state and proper housing could be allocated to the people under this representation, along with plans to develop all of Palestine, particularly with the bulk of the in this respect, the de-established state of Israel which has the bulk of economic power due to it’s occupation to create a strong all Palestinian state.

                Following this according to the Irish political theory of Eire Nua, would be regional councils in order to be concerned on public services IE: hospitals, roads, telecommunications and higher education, the collection of local revenue and economic, physical and education planning. In the case of Palestine, by creating a new sectarian federal practice, what could be ensured would be the ability to plan and to create new realities in the form of a united people both Jewish and Arab, to build education and opportunities and to ensure that  taxes could be raised in order to build a future for the Palestinian people and to move beyond the issue of conflict, occupation and warfare. Above this, assembles involving promises, it would be a necessity for an all-Palestinian Federal Republic to have self-determination for both the currently existing Palestinian and Jewish people in the land. Ensuring that through checks and balances, the power of the two people would be equal and community efforts could be made in order to bring everyone to the table to create a new strong state with peace being at the forefront, along with a promotional idea of understanding.

                Most important to a new federalized Palestinian state would be a national parliament, this would in effect replace the currently existing Israeli and Palestinian parliaments. Ultimately, this would in both theory and practice create the unitary state and it would ensure that a non-sectarian military could be formed representing all of Palestine. A military not based out of the principles of ethnic supremacy in the case of Zionism or the need for national liberation, much like South Africa after apartheid, a military where all can be a part of without the principles of ethnicity overbearing. At the top, the new national parliament would encompass any issues the state faced whether in terms of providing balance to ensure equality and fairness, or to promote the cause of development and cultural issues.

                The need for a Federal state is simple in Palestine… While the solutions would gain dominance are potential two states, the situation cannot be solved. In the sense of one state by nature overbearing over the other and attempting to destroy the other… As well, the inequality of the idea of existing sole ethnic states which shut out people from participation and living together as neighbors. It would create both a fair proposal for the Palestinian people and the current state of Israel. It would ensure that there would be no practices of domination or otherwise, victors rules or impositions. Instead, such an idea would create in the forefront, a revolutionary state representing all of mankind’s aspirations for justice and equality.

                How can progress be made? The only progress that can be made is through the work and promotion of progressive ideas such as a federal one state solution or a similar solution. Without such a solution, the destiny for Palestine is the continued destruction at the hands of the Israeli state and the deep rooted idea of siege mentality for both sides. In opposition to this, through a federal state, a unitary state that is a shared future could be created involving all of the people. A shared future that would insure that no mother, father, brother or otherwise sister would have to mourn the death of a loved one or suffer the inequality of being uprooted from their homes or facing discrimination. In the sense of the post-Apartheid world, it would create governments for all of the people by the people with all of the people being the center of the attention. 


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