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Life and Death in the Gaza Strip


                   Life and Death in the Gaza Strip

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                “Know my dear,  what is the reality of death. When his mortal body has departed from this Earth.. After talking with a friend or loved one. Shortly after the news of his leaving, convince yourself that your family, I mean family: mother and father, brothers or children and even wife, have departed from you the  same moment he departed. Surprise death by strikes from military jets do not differentiate, while they are  at home, where they think they are safe and not targets. Where the men talk to each other about the battle around them, with some laughter in order to raise their spirits, even though a little bit exhausted. With exhaustion from lack of sleep only increasing, with the sound of death not stopping a second around them. Yes they left and  longer inhabit their physical body. It is not your imagination…  Know that this is their parting and then you can convince yourself that they are departed, but their soul always remains with you.” A look into the reality of death by a Gazan man, while it surrounds the very air.

                With these words, it is important to note the importance of friendship and of empathy. Without friendship or empathy, our humanity is taken from us and thrown into a cage. In that cage, without our humanity and without our ability to have empathy for another, we brutalize and mistreat each other… We do not see the other as worthy and further, we find ourselves not feeling as one.

                Is it not true, that we are all one people? Despite, the national boundaries, language gaps, cultural backgrounds and the color of our skin… Do we not still bleed the same blood, do we not feel the same anxiety and oppression? ‘Alas, the need to rise as one comes, with human solidarity being integral. Integral not only to the very core of our souls, but important to our very being.


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