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Gaza Rockets Show Existence

                Gaza Rockets Show Existence

                Written by Aaron Peterson

                Palestine, the people of the land continue to fight for their integral existence. Over the past several years, a one sided campaign has been inflicted on the people of Palestine, it has been through the force of aerial bombardments in a desperate attempt by occupational forces to pacify the population. All means of pacification have been tried against the people of the Gaza Strip; collective punishment in terms of rationing food and supplies, and most notoriously the bombing campaigns. The justification for the campaigns being the launching of rockets from Palestine, as a result of continue aggression into the land that is being fought for by the Palestinian people. The rockets have been used by the Israeli government as a scapegoat to justify the most violent practices to uproot Palestinians further from their land and to deal harsh blows in an attempt to break their will to go on. Except, each time the harsh blows have been dealt, the residents of Gaza– the Palestinian people have shown themselves as some of the most resilient people in the world. The people of Palestine continue to each day, despite all of the odds against them; the closure of border crossings, starvation and perpetual war to continue to face forward and go on towards continuing activities of both resistance and protest against not only the occupational regime, but against the policies of Western governments that back the occupational regime.

                For the people of Palestine, specifically Gaza, the rockets are a symbol. The rockets stand symbolic of the Palestinian people each day continuing to survive within the spectrum of aggression. Each rocket represents one more day that the Palestinian people continue onward. With the inability for the Israeli government to cease the rocket fire, it shows that the Israeli government is unable to truly sap the resistance of the Palestinian people, no matter how hard they desperately try to do so.  With each rocket, it is a Palestinian voice screaming into the air reminding the world that the Palestinian people still exist, no matter what the world says of them.

                Since 1967, the Palestinian people have had their very identity denied by the Israeli government, their land further occupied and their dignity put in shackles. The Palestinian people have patiently waited in their struggle through both demonstrations directly against the occupation with the masses and the gun and the bomb.  What has been clear though since 1967 is that the Israeli government does not respond to the demonstrations, no matter how many Palestinian youth die in peaceful demonstrations or acts of civil resistance, not an eye is blinked — it simply remains another statistic. For Palestine, the world only opens it’s eyes when the Palestinian people with their backs against the wall resort to armed action against their oppressor. Armed action though it gains negative attention from the West, shows at the very least the plight of the Palestinians. When the rockets are being launched in the air, when a bomb takes hold or when bullets respond to the situation for the Palestinian people, the world has the chance in the mindset of the people of Palestine to see for itself what is occurring.  The world has the ability to question just exactly why are the Palestinian people so defiantly resisting in the face of all odds, in the face of death… The Palestinian people, the people of Gaza in particular, like many other occupied people although fear death, many would rather stand on their feet in the face of death. Even if it means facing an early death.  For this reason, the fight continues and the conflict escalates. With the history of anti-colonial rebellion, in particular the ousting of the French in Algeria through tactics of ‘bloody terror’, it is only an inevitability for the withdrawal of the Israeli government from the land of Palestine. The Palestinian people fight with the thoughts of “homeland or death” in their minds, they are pushed forward by the cause of having nothing and wanting to gain everything… Their opponent however is not and has everything with only his own privilege to lose.


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