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Creating the Roots

Creating the Roots

Written by Aaron Peterson

Material realities dictate the history of the time. By recognizing this, a materialist view is entered in which realism can be seized. Counter to idealism, which seeks to ignore the material realities of the present and push forward an idealist solution to existing problems.  Understanding the material realities of the present are key, they are the key to understanding where the current problems of society stem from. From where solutions can be created. Should an end game be ignored that is revolutionary in nature? Of course not. However, all energy should be focused upon it and it should be kept in a form of purity.  Revolutionary purity. What is the way forward and what is the sought solution? A solution for the forwarding of society in the interests of productive labor forces certainly… The ultimate ideological goal for the changing of the means of production in society to advance it from the stage of capitalism to a system of collective ownership and responsibility where key industries are held in the hands of the working class.  Creating a democratic consensus secured by a strong ideological base. In securing this ideological base, the new promotion of a new society has to be founded on the basis of consensus for the recognition of a newly created system. So as to mean, the new societal system promoted must be a totality and all consuming above all else… Serving as a replacement in the sense of how capitalism replaced feudalism. The ideology forward for the masses is socialism. A system of collective ownership for all of the people in the interests of humanity as a global core.

With the emergence of globalist capitalism on the world scale, it became  overtly apparent that there can be no peaceful co-existence between developing, emerging or otherwise existing markets. In the absence of the clash of ideologies that had meant the Cold War, emerged the pre-1917 conditions of clashes in capital, which originally led to the First World War in 1914. With the emergence of globalism and the continued never ceasing expansion of American and Western European capital and with the growing capital of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. What is presented is an affirmation of the need for internationalism for the working people of the world.  There is no shying for the forces of exploitation and capitalism to expand on the back of the global proletariat. Whether it developing markets or in the developed world… This being the so-called global North and South.

In the following of the dissolution of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact states, the global South ceased to in many points to be divided into blocs on ideological lines. The walls and ideological boundaries fell with capital and political influence spreading into the nations of the so-called ‘third world.’ During this time, global capital specifically of the United States and of Western Europe, a part of NATO, reached it’s ultimate height… It had no direct enemy in sight it had no one to face down. It was a time of post-modernism in which the people of the world, still under the effects of the past issues scrambled into discovering potential solutions to ongoing problems ranging from new forms of radicalism, militarism to nationalism. In all, the reasoning behind the existence of issues such as imperialism were forgotten, the economic roots completely ignored and the means of production completely disregarded from the point of popular attention.

What must be done? A building of a new base. A new structure with a new apparatus to focus on the issues of the day. To create new solutions and to focus on the power of labor on an international level. In regards to imperialism, it must be faced down the sights with a labor point of view. The common people suffering from oppression and imperialism must be the emphasis of the day. Creating solutions to slow down the spread of outright imperialism is a necessity. In the long term creating a strategy of a new society and order in which the world can be recreated through the forces of progressive labor and movements can capitulate the existing order. With the destructive nature, wealth gap and exploitation it is only a matter of time before a strong position can be reached, but education is key for the people to take a stake when the position has been reached and to seize the time.

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