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The Need For An Anti-Humanist Perspective

The Need For An Anti-Humanist Perspective

Written by Aaron Peterson

“A triangle if it could speak would likewise say that God is eminently a triangle, and a circle that God’s nature is eminently circular” (Spinoza, Letter 56 | Ethics) Reapplying Spinoza’s statement in regards to humanity and the relation of philosophical humanism, can it not likewise be argued that man embraces a sense of self-centric narcissism in relation to his own meaning? Thus, creating an outward external view on the perception of human behavior and “nature”. Letting the triangle serve as the external in relation to man… Man remarks of the triangle that the triangle is his to shape by sense of certain natural destiny over his material surrounding.  In relation to the circle, the circle serves as man’s behaviors as a collective (“human nature”) remarked upon or analyzed from the perception of the individual.  Can man sum up the circle individually or the collective.

Considering if the answer is to be yes, it is an admission of the needs of the few among the needs of the many. To describe innate characteristics of the individual picked out of the collective, as opposed to a view of the collective as a larger picture. Glancing over each as somehow and particularly special from the other and creating as such an individualist narrative as opposed to a narrative of collective destiny. If the collective destiny is ignored, man thereby isolates himself through the analysis of the individual over the collective that he is separate from the collective, and thus isolated. Here from the issues of division in relation to man by defined characteristics in comparison to other men are formed. Can this not be seen as the inherent root of all conflict at a base point with man ignoring collective responsibilities and the belonging to a larger portrait, as opposed to a smaller canvas?

So as to say, the individual can only subjectively comment on human behavior.  Where as an objective point would be all of humanity which cannot be gained subjectively from a single individual, as it is a large and immense collective.  If humanity is to be considered a point of pride, in example: “My humanity bases my principles.” Does this not fall within the characteristics of the individual, characteristics which are inherently subjective? Creating arising issues of morality on the basis of what is deemed to be the correctness of the time. Therefore, as a result creating a key contradiction between the external view of the individual over the collective and perceived morality.  Thereby, creating a key need for an anti-humanism view to create an objective view in terms of materialism with the collective above the individual and with the basis not out of one’s humanity but from a larger focus point, of the outside environment and of pros or cons to the collective human species.


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