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Solar Neo-Colonialism

A Response to Lisa Winter: Solar Neo-Colonialism

Written by Aaron Peterson


In the image of Lisa Winter’s article promoting solar panels to be built in Western Sahara, Algeria and other North African areas… The question comes up of for who is the electricity to be generated for? It appears that in the article and according to the image, it is to be generated for Germany and the whole of Western Europe. The problem with this type of argument, the argument which I coin as “solar neo-colonialism” is that, North Africa and other developing areas are expected to allow for their borders to be breached by the same entities that have historically exploited them and continue to exploit them through the apparatus of the IMF and regime changes for the sake of Western Europe.


The argument is the same Western centric argument that has been presented in the past. The world is expected to look at the global West as their savior and it is the duty of the “uncivilized” people to give the global West benefits at the sake of their national sovereignty. Furthermore, who would organize such a feat? Would it be the companies of Western Europe specifically Germany who seek to profit off of the solar energy craze that is taking ground?

If it is individual groups and corporations that stand to gain from the solar energy craze, who stands to benefit from using African soil in order to power their countries. Why should the people of these countries take a stake in what is unequivocally exploiting them?  The same proponents of the switch to solar energy will make arguments of instability related to oil. What instability related to oil? There exists the exploitation related to oil, there exists the continued historically shown willingness for colonialist and imperialists to intervene and divide in conquer in order to gain ground on the petroleum trade. The Anglo-American coup in Iran overthrowing the democratically elected President Mossadeq and the current ongoing oil wars to name a few. A solar future, or solar neo-colonialism? You decide.


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