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Building A Responsible Collective Social Structure

Building A Responsible Collective Social Structure

Written by Aaron Peterson

How can the excesses of post-modern culture be countered in order to create a generation of youth who are disciplined socially, educated and are firm in the grounds of understanding science? A new discipline, a new social structure must be created. The existing social structure has led to the problems of excess and complete irresponsibility towards one actions. In this, it exists to serve exploitation  of working class people, ethnic minorities, women and the LGBT community. Not to mention to breed an atmosphere of uneducated ignorant masses who can serve the purpose of acting in a way so as not to upset the existing status quo and to ensure a constant flow of labor to generate capital, as well as the division of society on gender, sexual and racial grounds to keep the people divided.  Building a scientific model of action is necessary, an example for future generations to serve as an example of the value of analysis and observation, as opposed to mindless consumption and excess.

Not only is current cultural model detrimental socially in these respects. A wide array of data is being produced to suggest that modern industrial society is on it’s death bed as a result of constant excess,. This is to mean that if there is not a corrective move to counter excess, modern civilization as it is currently known could take a further turn for the worse. A turn for the worse in the sense that could lead to irreversible problems for the collective masses of the people of Earth… More so worse than those that current exist in the present. Quoting a NASA funded study as of 2013/2014 [1], “The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent”

Advanced civilizations, social systems and political structures are not static objects which can withstand time and development without potential destruction. As the quoted examples in the NASA funded Survey, all empires were at their height specifically the experience of the Roman Empire. To look for the problem one needs to look at the Roman Empire and the excesses that were prevalent within. An unequal aristocratic social structure combined with uneven wealth distribution that inevitably bred revolt and chaos leading to the collapse of the once all powerful Roman Empire. What is to be said of modern capitalism with the United States centric to the power and economic structure? It is that at a rate, never seen before a level of capitalist development has been reached in the United States which breach national boundaries to a level of advanced imperialism which exploits the resources of developing nations through the economic model of exports purchased at a lower value than in developed countries and through free trade agreements which destroy local communities, an extremely destructive practice that is in it’s own completely unsustainable, as it does not account for the needs of the people which it exploits. The error of the political economy of modern capitalist neo-liberalism pushed forward through political blackmail, military threats and economic sabotage is it’s ignorance of a key lesson, when the price of bread rises beyond affordable means, revolt is inevitable. In this, the price of bread and of food is destined to rise beyond affordability due to the instability of the existing system and it’s destruction of local community structures along with it’s reliance on the exploitation of global exportation from the developing world in order to ensure a profit. Such vast, enormous profits cannot exist without the value of goods being bought at a low cost from the developing world and sold at a higher price in the developed world.

What needs to be done to counter the excesses and exploitation is to create and promote a scientific mindset. A scientific mindset that pushes for reasoning and logic, as opposed to overall consumption. Fitting generations with this as an example of what they must do and of what must be done. To build a serious atmosphere where logic is key and alternative solutions can be focused on, experimented with and as a result implemented. Applying this to students in order to build a new society and to create a social discipline, a voluntary, yet instilled discipline to create a new way forward. To promote the crushing of global neo-liberal trading, ‘globalism’, in exchange for global solidarity between peoples and to within this discipline to promote a vision of a truly global community through outreaches and to disestablish existing economic structures and exploitative practices. To the promotion of practices which are in their own respect fair and equal for the people of the world, with the entirety of the world considered without the regard of power blocs or American-European centralism. Lastly, to create a new level of development with the people in full power and control of their destinies without economic exploitation with a scientific basis and a scope toward the future with progress being continually made in the advancement of technology and science.  A new future is possible, it will require discipline to go down the path towards it.



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