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Yes to a Pan-Arab Solution!: The Dynamics of an All-Arab Revolutionary Solution

Yes to a Pan-Arab Solution!: The Dynamics of an All-Arab Revolutionary Solution

Written by Aaron Peterson

In a world in which the dimensions of sectarian conflict continue to fold in the greater Arab world over the politics of Sunni-Shi’ite political Islam, the division of the Arab people has never been greater. Brother has been pit against brother throughout the Arab world from the farthest corners of Yemen to the heart of Palestine.  Political Islam is serving as a tool in order to divide and rule, it is a proxy tool for oil rich states backed by the monetary concessions of the West, namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia to fight for their own influence on battlegrounds far away from their own absolute monarchies. On the other hand, it is also a tool of the Islamic Republic of Iran through Shi’ite Islamism to fight for it’s own influence throughout the Arab world in order to gain ground. The war being waged in the name of political Islam is bloody and it is creating weak Arab states, with people in the dust suffering from the never ending conflicts over which sect of Islam is to be in the forefront. The problem is not Islam, it is not in the history of the Arab people, no matter what the claim may be to act in this fashion. It is a creation of strange politicized ideologies claiming to represent the former Muslim Ummah in the modern era through the devices of politics mixed with heavy doses of fanaticism. It’s traction gained from the heavy hits imperialism and colonialism have dealt to the progressive rising of Arab masses who chose to unify on the grounds of their shared fraternal heritage against the forces of colonialism and imperialism. No party in the world can benefit more so than the British created and American protected Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the West themselves through the exportation of these ideologies, as it secures one of their main interests in the region oil.

When the Arab people throw themselves into the trenches of Sunni and Shi’ite Islam in order to wage war against each other, they are weakened. Weakening of the Arab people allows for outside parties to gain influence and to exploit Arab countries at a lesser than market value. Think of oil for example, when the Arab people are divided on the religious grounds and they have little say for all the people, the oil can be far more easily privatized and exported as a commodity for Western nations. The Arab people in this case sit back blinded by the ongoing religious conflicts and don’t blink an eye as their key resource is being robbed literally from under their feet by men in business suits representing countries which have funneled weapons in order for the Arab people to kill each other. This is the reality the Arab people face with each growing day. Disunity breeds dehumanization and through the dehumanization the people can be turned against the other and when the people attack the other, they notice not what is happening to them from external parties.

The revolutionary solution exists in cement for the Arab people. Wherever they may be, whether in the most oppressive of the Gulf Monarchies or in the nations torn apart by these conflicts. Uniting on the grounds of a common oppressed ethnicity. Arab people uniting together in order to raise their fist collectively at the world. While the world and international parties seek to exploit and push horrors onto it, an awake Arab people can progressively turn the tables on the individuals responsible.  A single Arab, a group of Arabs, even a thousand Arabs can only make a dent in the policy inflicted on them.  An entire united nation of Arabs who speak of a future not of decay and rot, but of blossoming and education? They can change the entire world, they can change the social structures and they can turn the game on the external parties around. Think oil embargoes against parties that do not respect sovereignty of Arab nations as punishment for their actions against the people, think the reclamation of nation resources  through nationalization to fund education, healthcare and the building of great works. This is the possibility of the revolutionary pan-Arab nationality. This is the possibility for the future, this is the real awakening of the Arab people. A solution to defeat those who brutalize and exploit, for education and understanding… To create a new golden age instead of darkness.


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