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US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: No Clear Enemy


US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: No Clear Enemy

Written by Aaron Peterson

Post-Cold War foreign policy for the United States is marked by the notion of a unipolar world under the hegemony of American economic, military and political power. Reality in all senses are ignored and instead an idea is presented that creates a false reality where a solution is created in an absurd sense. The abstract ideas of American foreign policy are shown through lenses of mistruths; “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” is perhaps most characterizing of the new foreign policy put forward by the United States government. It is unresponsive to critical thought, as it fears the idea of critical thought that would seek to question it’s logic. “If Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, then considering this why would the United States have invaded Iraq when Iraq could have used one of their weapons of mass destruction against one of the United States regional allies?” The antithesis of the new foreign policy apparatus is just the logical problem solving using simple considerations of historical, legacy and social issues.

In relation to the new foreign policy, the goal is simple. It recognizes that there is no ‘real enemy’, thus it must attack the enemy of the day. The enemy of the day being whoever is most convenient and poses even the tiniest threat to the economic interests of the United States. Representing an age where if a group of Quakers were to blockade a key supply point for United States capital interests, the United States would authorize the use of lethal ammunition to disperse them.  In the sense of the United States economic interests, time is money; money is worth more than lives. Expanding economic interests means more resources, money and time for the hegemony of the United States.

And so the United States sets out with a policy of continual warfare. Never ending perpetual warfare waged on whoever stands in the way with no concerns of stability or lasting effects. No great plans or concerns, just a drawing board with a grouping of targets on it. Lingering in the mind of US foreign policy is a lack of concern for these issues, as long as the guns go off and the bombs can explode, what is the point of worrying of regional stability? The same ability to manufacture weapons exists, as does the ability to mobilize force. While many focus on the trillions of dollars spent in regards to warfare, the gains are ignored, the gains of contracts, of economic expansion and even of the domestic arms industry. In order for the economy of the United States to continue operating at such a high rate, as it currently does the simple matter exists that it must continue to expand on the basis of the bomb and gun in order to hold back potential competition and in order to gain access to resources below market exportation price to capitalize and in order to have a foothold on global politics to ensure positive moves for US interests abroad.

The idea of blowback is shrugged aside. Perhaps, one of the greatest ironies of the “Global War on Terror” beginning with the attacks of September 11th is the entire purpose of 9/11 having been ignored. Could there have been a September the 11th that sparked the ability for the United States to have an excuse to carry out perpetual warfare without the situation of US intervention throughout the 90’s? Intervention that linked the paths of a small clique of majority Saudi theocrats to the evolution of US foreign policy and inevitably as a result of these interventions ended in the attack of September 11th. Perhaps one could argue to US foreign policy this that blowback was not in the smallest regards a setback, despite the national tragedy, economic destruction and loss of lives. But what it represented was a card that extended the ability for American exceptionalism. It was the key event that sparked the ability for the United States to almost unquestionably by the global community to be able to wage global war around the world at a moment’s notice with the smallest amount of dissent possible.

One thing stands as a never ceasing truth. The model of the new American foreign policy that has been in place since 9/11 is unsustainable. It seeks an infinite amount of enemies and as shown by the aftermaths of it’s clashes notably in Iraq and Afghanistan, it has a highly destabilizing effect. The result is always the same, the inevitably deaths and tragedy and the collapse of the entire idea on top of itself. The question is how much longer will the highly unsustainable foreign policy be pushed forward? Will it take the point of a new clashing of emerging powers with their own interests in capital to carve the world into power blocs yet again and create a new Cold War? Or at worse, a bloody series of international global conflicts that end in the deaths of countless millions more people…  No matter how you look at it, no matter where you turn, the new United States foreign policy combines all the excesses of the Roman and British Empires, with it’s own illogical twists that threaten human civilization with barbarism and constant unceasing conflict.


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