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Lessons Not Learned In Iraq

Lessons Not Learned In Iraq

Written by Aaron Peterson


No the government of Baghdad is not so holy, despite the ongoing sectarian warfare being put out by ISIS/ISIL militants which threaten to divide Iraq on religious lines once more. Mistakes have and continue to be made by the Iraqi government in Baghdad. In light of the situation in Iraq with sectarian tensions looming to the point of a potential clash along the lines of a civil war vis a vis the clashing between Sunnis and Shi’ites circa 2006 during the occupation of Iraq. The flames have been fanned by the government in Baghdad, by the unwillingness to allow Iraq’s Sunni minority particularly former Ba’athists the ability to legally operate within the political field. In effect, this has been a principle alienating position that has drove many Sunnis farther towards religious fanaticism, as the idea of progressive traditional Arab nationalism in light of the current situation has been seen as impotent.

This comes in light of Prime Minister of Iraq, Maliki having declared that there was significant help according to security reports of former Ba’athists in the Iraqi military to insurgents. One of the key problems of the Iraqi state post-occupation has been a tattered set of legitimacy. With the government officials in both respects having been involved in former death squads, both in special groups, pro-US groups and Sunni militant outfits. Not to mention criminal activities during the time of occupation and unresolved legacy issues involving the Ba’ath era. The type of psuedo-confessional  state that is now in place in Iraq with political Islamism of the Shi’ite variety in power has only added to the alienation of Sunni Arabs, to make them feel on the outskirts of Iraqi society.

An all-Arab solution remains the only solution to save Iraq. As it can be used to push forward the unity of the Iraqi people on the lines of their fraternal Arab identity against the tides of sectarianism being fanned by foreign powers.  A solution to create an Arab state for the Arab people representing a collective destiny. In which the resources which compromise the land and the wealth is used in the interests of rebuilding a state for the Arab people. A state, which doesn’t serve the interests of foreign powers who seek to exploit it.

The media still refuses to talk directly about the foreign support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia for ISIS/ISIL and the relation this has had in building up it’s force for it’s self-proclaimed lightning campaign. The United States government backing of jihadist militants in Syria when it was pre-warned that such a backing would cause implications including a rise in sectarian violence in Iraq and Lebanon. For that matter, another often ignored aspect unsurprisingly has been the state the United States created and have left behind, an extremely weak state standing up only on framework torn apart by years of occupation and alienation due to policies of the occupational government and the forces that propped the government up. The horror of Iraq indefinitely goes on and the haunting truth still remains concealed.


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