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Maliki Stabbed In The Back: The Hidden Dagger of US Policy Towards Post-Occupation Iraq

Maliki Stabbed In The Back: The Hidden Dagger of US Policy Towards Post-Occupation Iraq

Written by Aaron Peterson

The rise in sectarian tension in Iraq comes as no surprise as the United States government in relation to foreign policy towards Syria and other states including Libya, has been to fund elements of religious separatism. Namely groups involved in inciting tensions between Sunnis and Shi’ites in the Syrian Arab Republic in particular. From the very beginning with the funding of the “Free Syrian Army”, the United States government  began playing a very dangerous game with well known risks. The risks of course, creating a largely disenfranchised Sunni extremist grouping discontent with it’s perceived treatment and resorting to the most extreme strains of sectarianism in order to punish the Shi’ite Muslims which the finger has been pointed at.

It began in Syria in 2011, when foreign fighters began flowing across the border. The United States first unofficially began  funding militants in the dark without the knowledge of the public. Although, it was a very open secret that the CIA was covertly responsible for this. It became public, when the United States government officially sided with the ‘Syrian rebels’. What intensified, was the push for regime change by Washington. In line with this, the Gulf States and Turkey followed in funding the ‘Syrian opposition’, including mass funding and supplying from the Gulf States namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey to a grouping formerly known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, ISIS; otherwise known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

Although, a designated organization with it’s member one of the most wanted terrorists by the United States government. The United States turned what can be least summed up as a blind eye to the open funding of ISIS in Syria. Not only did it turn a blind eye to the funding of the extremist militants… The United States made itself clear in it’s support of the Syrian militants, that it would accept no form of peace agreement or real initiatives for talks to generate peace in Syria, unless President Bashar al-Assad was to be capitulated.

As the civil war was on-going, sectarian tensions in Iraq grew. Fighting in Iraq quickly began escalating up to a scale which was reaching the proportions of the Iraqi Civil War. Each day while the violence in Syria increased, the violence in Iraq increased. The two are interlinked, Iraq an ally of Syria and of Iran, a predominantly Shi’ite state with a Sunni minority that has in light of the US occupation and it’s aftermath felt marginalized in terms of politics due to the ‘de-Ba’athication’ process that took place post-2003. Thus the break point was reached with the violence in Syria that ISIS found itself able to exploit, of course with a direct ignoring from the United States a blind eye again was turned this time towards Maliki. The United States, even with the rising violence and territorial gains by ISIS did not proceed with it’s usual mutual support of the Iraqi government for counter-insurgency operations, instead it remained silent.

Simple… The United States government was in 2009 kicked to the curb by the Iraqi government with Maliki in particular. The Iraqi government against the wishes of the United States government began to make increasingly neutral ties with the Iranian government and had negotiated bilateral agreements which made Baghdad a key ally of Iran. And so, the process of Western alienation towards Baghdad began when the withdrawal of United States troops took place.

The strategy towards the government of Maliki in Baghdad can best be described as a wish of mutual destructions between what the United States government considers both mutually bad apples. On one side, the forces of ISIS and in the other ring, Maliki’s government which has been exceptionally pro-Iranian, who the United States government behind closed doors have labeled as  ‘ungrateful.’ In great similarity to the Iran-Iraq War, in which the United States government covertly supported both sides in order to engage in the direct slaughter of the other, even green lighting the use of chemical agents, the United States has since given a blind eye to the actions of ISIS in Iraq. As ISIS continue to gain ground after conquering Fallujah and Mosul, it comes as no dismay to the United States government. In fact, it comes as a pleasantry. It works in the interests of US hegemony to see the dismantling of Arab unity states and towards smaller balkanized states on religiously sectarian grounds that as a result will be hostile to the other.

Perpetually the unofficial, unspoken strategy of the United States government towards Baghdad and Damascus is the promotion of unending warfare. With the direct hope that the warfare will continue indefinitely and escalate without  a peace agreement in sight. As what is there to lose for the United States government in relationship to the region? Religious fuelled sectarianism threatens to shatter Lebanon into warfare on Sunni-Shi’ite grounds drawing one of the US’s key enemies Hezbollah’s into the fighting, it has divided a key Arab state into bloody hostilities on Sunni-Shi’a gounds and furthermore it has created a new state of total warfare in Iraq. On the side of the United States, it is the already bloody dagger being plunged into the Arab world’s back yet again.


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