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The Voiceless

The Voiceless

Written by Aaron Peterson

In the current world, oppressed nationalities face continued occupation and repression. Oppressed nationalities struggling for independence include but are not limited to the Baloch, Palestinian, Kurdish, Papua, Irish, Basque, Catalan, Corsican and other peoples. Who speaks for the oppressed in a world of power blocs in relation to various forms of capitalism fighting against each other? When the primary parties in the world; the United States with the force of NATO, China with it’s own interests related to it’s economic and political expansion and the Russian Federation who as with the others, promotes and defends it’s own interests. Who speaks for the sub-nationalities who struggle for their status as a nation? Who defends their interests? The answer is that these nationalities fall through the cracks, their struggle is often exploited by powers vying for their own influence.

Historically the Palestinian struggle has been used as a means of cattle fodder by the governments of Arab countries such as Syria and Iraq. Who used the Palestinian people as proxies to serve their own interests of clashing for influence in the region. This is only a single example of the way in which the existing powers with the support of power blocs  use the struggle of oppressed nationalities to their own interests. The same has been dealt to other struggling peoples throughout the world.

There is no form of organization that exists to truly convey the message of these people. The nationalities which are fighting for their basic right to exist in a world hostile to them, who have been fighting against the tide of cultural, economic and military imperialism. Sub-nationalities that are repressed and used as proxies by the existing national power blocs in the world.

The struggles for independence by repressed nationalities strike a truly heroic tide. In which they represent an actual phase of anti-imperialism against all sections of global capital. Representing the interests of the alienated and the repressed to take what they have been locked out from back. The problem has and always will remain, the lack of a proper international voice. The lack of a voice to speak out to the entire world, to show the struggle that is ongoing. Their cries to the world have been deafened. During the anti-colonial struggle in Africa, the world at large heard the voice of the resistance against the colonial occupiers and apartheid. Now the world no longer hears the voice that is shouting out for them at large to listen, saying that they are engaging in a new movement of anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism to create new nations for the self-determination of their peoples in the interest of using the resources economically to their own people’s advantage.

A voice needs to be gained, it needs to be consolidated. The voice needs to be one that rebuffs the struggles in the interests of not only one of a certain nation, but one of all sub-nationalities that engage in resistance. It needs to come out in unity with the struggle of working people throughout the world. In the interests of building an international movement to benefit not only the oppressed, but to benefit the people of the world at large. Creating an international movement with the forces of anti-colonialism and that of anti-imperialism in combination with that of working people to create a progressive formation that benefits the people, and gives a voice to the voiceless.


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