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Daring to Talk About the “F” Word | Feminism and Today

Daring to Talk About the “F” Word | Feminism and Today

Written by Aaron Peterson


The “F” word, feminism has become a feared word among certain sections of upper class misogynistic males. Feminism has been popularly misconstrued purposefully by this section of society, mostly over the internet to mean ‘supremacy’. Most commonly, the sad sort of this group will use ‘feminism’ as a term to define angry women, as if there is no reason for that matter for women to be angry. They rant and they rave about how ‘feminism’ is the reason as to why they are rejected by females in society as a whole. Not realizing that perhaps, it is their very own  disgusting behaviors and views that make them, oh so very to reject by mainstream society. While this set of individuals may be dismayed over the internet and even in real life to a degree where they expect society to believe that women somehow oppress them.

One thing is clear. The oppression of women in society is still an existent issue. It continues at a pace in both the developing and developed world that is upmost shocking to the senses. Rape is seen as a common behavior. Rape refuses to be seen as something shocking to the mind as for example cannibalism. Cannibalism would be unheard of and with an incident of cannibalism, society would be very much shocked to hear about it. On the other hand, rape is seen as something almost that is meant to happen in society. Judging from popular attitudes there’s no stopping it according to the people who look the other way. Some will go even so far as to say the victims of rape “asked for it”.

“Victims of rape asked for it?” Believe it or not, this is something not uncommon to be heard. Many of those who go under the guise of anti-feminism and claim to be promoters of “men’s rights” are in reality, some of the most misogynistic and hateful people imaginable. They represent all the glories of old sexism combined with the new in order to continue spouting out the idea that it isn’t societies fault for rape, it isn’t a man’s fault for raping a woman… Instead it is the victim’s fault. This is what is commonly called rape culture. It is to say in respect, that when a society culturally accepts rape, rape becomes a socially acceptable phenomenon. Has rape not become acceptable? Is it not seen as something less serious than it is?

44% of victims of rape are under the age of 18, with 80% being under the age of 30. In America, every 2 minutes a sexual assault will occur. Each year there will be 237,868 cases of sexual assault.  60% of these sexual assaults will not be reported to the police, 97% of the rapists will remain free.  But you will never hear about rape in the same heinous sense you will hear about a serial killing. The victims of rape will rarely be shown to the same level  that victims of other heinous tragedies would be. Why shouldn’t the “F” word be used as a response? When there exists a society that trivializes and attempts to brush under the carpet the problem of rape and make it as if it is a normality.

Rape culture exists. It exists every single time someone jokes about an incident of rape, when another person downgrades a victim of rape telling them to “get over it” and when members of society blame it on the victim. “You were drunk so it wasn’t rape”, is one of the most commonly used lines of this culture. To say that, if a woman is drunk beyond a certain point that forceful sexual acts are acceptable because she was simply ‘drunk.’  When society learns that no means no and not yes depending on the circumstance and that rape should be seen as something heinous and becomes relatively uncommon after being seen as such, the culture will cease to exist.


One comment on “Daring to Talk About the “F” Word | Feminism and Today

  1. ebrew79
    June 7, 2014

    Couldn’t agree more! As a guy we are way to defensive when it comes to this issue. Instead of shutting up, listening and learning. We invent stupid hashtags like #NotAllMen. Examples of women being subjected to abuse be it verbal, physical, and sexual are rampant both here and around the world. As men it is responsibility to gain knowledge from women on this issue and then pass that on to our brothers and sons nephews and cousins.

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