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Unity, Not Hegemony Over the Memory of the Victory Against European Fascism

Unity, Not Hegemony Over the Memory of the Victory Against European Fascism

Written by Aaron Peterson

6/6/2014, the parades and commemorations of D-Day are on-going. A remembrance of one of the turning points for the Western allies against German fascism, in conjunction with the allies of the East. D-Day marked a point, when with the force of a united front of states joined hand in hand in alliance to fight against the forces of fascism in Europe. Shedding blood and limbs on the beaches of Normandy to strike a blow at the Nazi collaboration state of Vichy France. Sadly, the memory is being used as political points for a cultural commodity.

This cultural commodity is the current in fighting between the East and the West, in terms of political and economic legacy and influence. For the West, D-Day is being used as a means to represent the allied strength of the West. In a clear opposition to the unity of the allies against the forces of fascism. Most controversially in this regard, the Ukrainian Prime Minister representing the Kiev government was invited.  This comes as a shock and a complete disregard to the legacy of the victory against European fascism, as the Prime Minister of Ukraine has in all regards used the forces of Right Sector (Who proclaim the legacy of Stepan Bandera and are a Neo-Nazi paramilitary) in the on-going crisis in the East. Not only has the Prime Minister, used these forces the Prime Minister has attempted to integrate them into the National Guard!

The question rings out at this point. To what memory does the Ukrainian Prime Minister serve in the remembrance? When the Prime Minister’s own belief of West to East nationalism, was on the wrong side of the war… The side that was decisively defeated by the USSR upon liberation of Ukraine and Poland on the march towards Berlin.

Furthermore, the question needs to be raised. What is the legacy of the anti-fascist victory? It is one shared with pride by various ideological forces and state powers, no matter their disagreements of the day. It represents a time of unity, as opposed to hegemony. As such, it should be remembered as a time when the world came together out of the willingness to face down the forces of fascism in Europe. When millions of young men and women, fought heroically whether on the grounds of the West or the East against the forces of European fascism. More so, it should be a rejuvenation; a reminder of the West to East attempts of fascism in the past and why these attempts should be outwardly opposed, whether within the spectrum of the current crisis in Ukraine or anywhere on the European continent.


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