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Dangers of the Rise in Ukrainian Fascism

Dangers of the Rise in Ukrainian Fascism

Written by Aaron Peterson


The rise of Ukrainian fascism rose through the ‘Euromaiden movement’ that ousted the democratically elected government of Ukraine, in which 70 percent of Ukraine decided for through the means of liberal democratic voting. Ukrainian nationalism, was at the forefront of the movement backed by the forces of the United States, NATO and the European Union. The opening and most influential force that spread the violence that toppled the government was from the Right Sector movement, a militant group connected with Svboda (Ukraine’s resident Neo-Nazi party) that claims to represent the legacy of Stepan Bandera. Stepan Bandera being Ukraine’s former Nazi collaborator, who was responsible for organizing and maintaining the UPA,  which played a part in the extermination of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, Jews and Poles.

As the history of up to present goes. Right Sector and Svboda gained influential parts in the post-coup government, with Right Sector gaining key positions as a private paramilitary in the Ukrainian ‘National Guard’. Not to mention, defense positions and being the puppeteers of what can be called the Ukrainian shadow government in place. The actual force behind the government, does not lie in parliament, it lies outside it. The driving forces of the Ukrainian government and of the oligarchy are the Ukrainian fascist vessels that drove the regime to power in the beginning. And they steer the decision making of the Ukrainian government in all actions. It steers the Ukrainian government towards the escalation and increased violence in Eastern Ukraine. It continues to deepen the ethnic divisions in Ukraine, to re-divide the country on the basis of East-West.

To understand the aims of the Ukrainian fascist movement in particular that of Svboda and Right Sector, one needs to understand the geography of Ukraine.  in the historic sense, the idea of a Ukrainian nation that is promoted at the present point has for been the majority of Ukraine’s existence, simply not there.  The first extra-territorial formation of Ukraine was granted by the Russian imperial government. Upon the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, came the Ukrainian Civil War in which at the aftermath, Ukraine was divided on the basis of East-West. With the East becoming a Soviet Republic and the Nationalists in the West, becoming a part of Poland. The geographic lines of Ukraine stayed static until the outbreak of the Second World War, in which Western Ukraine was occupied by Nazi forces, as well as Eastern Ukraine. Of course, in Western Ukraine; what was presented was a sense of collaboration in the highest respects of Nazi occupied Europe; the Galician division of the SS and Stepan Bandera’s forces joined together in attempting the pillage of Nazification of Eastern Ukraine to no avail. At the end of their attempts, they were pushed back by Soviet forces who had liberated not only Western Ukraine but the Eastern territories of Poland and the majority of Europe, in alliance with the United States and other anti-Nazi allies. In the aftermath of the war, Ukraine was re-unified, Joseph Stalin personally signed directives which gave large amounts of land to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. This legacy was followed by Khrushchev, who as a gift gave the Crimea (traditionally a territory of Russia) to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Thus, the modern Ukrainian nation was born.

Much like Yugoslavia, with the exception of violent confrontation having been restricted to the present, Ukraine has been the subject of East-West attempts to draw Ukraine towards either side in order to benefit either NATO or Russia. The attempts have been undertaken through the form of various color revolutions sponsored by US funding in order to secure Ukraine as a part of Western Europe, in which it can gain a strong foothold on Ukrainian resources, labor (which is at a record low in Europe, arguably lower than the wages of various South East Asian countries) and foremost a political forward base to serve as a stranglehold for the United States/NATO in choking any potential attempts by the Russian Federation to challenge the existence of what the United States has deemed in the post-Cold War world, as a unipolar world with the United States at the front.

With the most recent events, the United States government, NATO and the European Union placed their bets behind the horse of Ukrainian nationalism. And so began the ‘Maiden’ movement that was able to through the force of destruction, violence and terror able to tear apart the liberal democratic government in Ukraine which was although strife with corruption due to the oligarchy, an elected government. In the aftermath of the initial coup; the militant group Right Sector and the fascist party Svboda rose to power in Ukraine and exerted it’s influence to gain key positions and the integration of Right Sector into the highest levels of the National Guard.

As a result, the division of Ukraine began. It was clear from the beginning to the majority of the population in Eastern Ukraine what was happening, it was the West attempting to rule over the East. Opposition parties that had been the voice of the people in the East had been facing significant repression, violence directed towards them and even in some cases; summary executions of activists and political figures. Thus, began the East’s intention to hold independent referendums in order to become independent, as the structure of modern Ukraine had been violated, no longer was it a Ukraine of equals, it was a Ukraine of one side attempting to dominate the other, changing the equation effectively into one of ethnic superiority.  The success of separatist movements in gaining a majority of votes in the East and the Crimea was a representation of this. Popularly, Eastern Ukraine in light of the events that had occurred in Kiev and the change in the political ruling of Ukraine, chose independence and closer relations with the Russian Federation than that of Western Europe.

In response to this, the violence began towards the people of Donetsk. Almost as collective punishment; airstrikes, military raids and attempts to break the choice of Eastern Ukrainians were used by the government of Kiev and are in present still being deployed. With each bombing, the division was firmly  solidified even more so than before. For Eastern Ukrainians, the siege mentality set in with their initial fears having been re-affirmed when the Right Sector dominated National Guard had began to execute civilians and the Ukrainian Army started to drop shells and bombs in Eastern Ukraine without concern of what they were undertaking. The West too had and has turned a blind eye to  the crisis that is ongoing, it followed the logic of Ukrainian nationalism in accusing all of those who dissented against it of being ‘Russians’, effectively de-humanizing them.  With these actions, an all-Ukrainian solution for the problem was made harder to see. A solution to where the balance could be restored, a new government could be created and mediation could take hold.

This is where the underestimation on the part of the United States and NATO has been. The United States and NATO, have effectively looked at the situation in Ukraine, as being a case of simple nationalist politics and that of a color regime change. It has not for a single second, comprehended in it’s outlook of the chaos that has resulted, the key point that the form of Ukrainian nationalism which is in place, is nothing more than fascism. Resurrected in it’s current form and carried out by fascistic elements.  It has by doing this, not realized that this is an ideological force, it is not the pragmatic and submissive force that it believes it to be. Instead, it is a force that will do everything it can to directly serve the consolidation of it’s own ideology and warped view of Ukraine as a nation. As a result, the attempted re-domination of Eastern Ukraine, by Western Ukraine.

The risks are clearer than they have ever been. With each day that the United States and NATO continue to place their bets behind the illegitimate government in Kiev. They create a situation where an agreement cannot be reached through the form of mediation. Not only do they worsen the situation, they risk the spread of fascism.

A new fascist international is at hold in Europe. The primary party responsible for giving this fascist international life, are the same backers of the movement that toppled the Ukrainian government. By giving Right Sector and Svboda political and propaganda victories in Ukraine. The United States and NATO risk spreading the force of fascism as a result of the chaos into countries which have dominant Neo-Nazi movements, Hungary which has Jobbik and Greece that has Golden Dawn being key examples.

With the worsening situation and the lack of mediation, the threat of an ethnic civil war in Ukraine is becoming more and more real. The parties that have refused to mediate and who have supported the actions of Kiev, themselves will be the one’s directly with blood stained hands. Responsible of what could potentially be the largest conflict in Europe and certainly the most bloodiest since the breakup of Yugoslavia.

An even greater risk though exists than this potential case of warfare. That is the power of the fascist ideology spreading and creating similar situations in countries such as Greece and Hungary. Countries where it can use the same doctrine of overthrowing national governments and engaging in the repression of ethnic minorities to their advantage. To create more blood ethnic-national conflicts throughout Europe. Potentially being the sparking force of a European wide conflict with the re-birth of fascism rearing it’s ugly head and being responsible for the same crimes it was originally put to death for in 1945.

The risks are clear at this point. The risks of cementing the division of Ukraine into a hostile situation that could break out into a very violent case of warfare more violent than the current clashes at any time. Of potentially igniting the powder keg of nationalism that has laid silent in slumber in Europe and causing more potential Ukraines throughout Europe. Finally, of potentially starting what could possibly be a second Cold War. Of course, the new Cold War would not be on the basis of ideology or for that matter any social values. It would be on the basis of domination and the spread of capital, dividing the world even more into power and economic blocs similar to the world order pre-1914. With each party attempting to serve their own capital interests and maintain them. Only with the risk of the blow up in this situation, being a series of global proxy wars and a renewed arms race.  For either party, there’s nothing to gain by this and by embarking down this road. It will be the case of a deadly mistake that costs both significantly.


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