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Netanyahu: The Cry Baby

Netanyahu: The Cry Baby

Written by Aaron Peterson | 6/2/2014


Out of spite for international legality, Israel has chosen to act on it’s own, without consultation to or from legal bodies or even partners. In several respects, the state of Israel has chosen to believe that it is somehow above the law and exempt from answering to international legality. It refused to answer to the international legality over it’s targeting of the civilian population in 2008 during the bombing of Gaza and continues to support settlements that have been internationally declared illegal. By taking these liberties to act on it’s own and with direct warning against them by the world at large… Who finds it very hard to give the state of Israel, the same plausible deniability that it used to, it has found itself increasingly isolated as a result.Image


[A list of international law violations for 2013 alone]

In effect, this is referenced by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Who on a high pillar has threatened, each state surrounding him and has taken action of pure savagery against the Palestinian population. The government of Netanyahu made a futile attempt on June Second to lecture the world on how it should act towards a Palestinian unity government. After years of ignoring international legality and paying no attention to it’s obligations made during peace talks and it’s direct withdrawal from negotiations all together and acting as a lone wolf, it feels that it has the credibility to issue and ultimatum to the world at large.


[A picture mocking the Israeli policy towards negotiation]

To the world, it’s call was “work with the Palestinian unity state and suffer.” Netanyahu chose his bluff unwisely, he chose to put the bluff on the Palestinian government of the Palestinian Authorities Abbas in the beginning threatening direct reprisals of collective punishment of Palestinian civilians for having the audacity to as an independent body and people to unite with it’s fellow Palestinian brethren.  With the United States and the world’s acceptance and showing a commitment to work with and engage the unity state in Palestine,  the actions of Netanyahu ring out now as that of a cry baby who hasn’t gotten his way.  Netanyahu is unable to understand due to his short sightedness that the government of Israel under his control decided to partake in actions that were self-serving and destined to only last in the short period. Now facing isolation as a result of these actions, Netanyahu has attempted to portray himself as an all powerful figure to the world and the world has responded by paying no attention to his antics and instead offering and promoting dialogue with the Palestinian people.


[An angry face resulting from self-isolation]


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