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España: No New Kings

España: No New Kings

            Written by Aaron Peterson | 6/3/2014           


            Despite the hard headed nature of a collection of Spanish monarchists who have chosen to continue preaching to the choir that in the year 2014… What the world needs just more of is a leadership  passed down on by genetics. Yes, the Spanish King has abdicated the throne at last. He has gone away with the hopes of passing down the legacy of his divine ruling, to his son Felipe. Who the former King hopes will be the next generation of blood sucking royals who act against the interests of the Spanish people.


[The people of Madrid rally against the monarchy]

Albeit, against the Spanish King’s will… The Spanish people have taken to action in order to voice their dissent to the idea of a new King. In realization, that the Spanish people need not a King or another member of a royal family who acts as a remnant of feudal times. But out of the realization that what Spain needs is to be a Republic again. To restore the Republic of the people that was stolen from them by anti-democratic forces.


[The Spanish Prince with his wife]

It was the leadership of Franco the fascist who acted against the will of the people and stole the people’s dignity and pride. The Phalange and it’s like grasped control with an iron fist strangling the life from Spanish democracy in hopes of eradicating the entire history of it.  When Franco’s time came and with the timing of ETA’s assassination of Franco’s successor, who was poised to be the second in line of fascist dictators in Spain, the royal family managed to squeeze itself back into a tiny bit more of power. Enough power, to at the very  least live off the Spanish tax payers and serve as a symbol of Europe’s oldest plutocratic tradition, of putting into power ‘royals’ due to genetics

With the abdication,Juan Carlos in spite of what the former King thought would be an eased process of passing power from the throne to another generation of Carlos’s. The Spanish people decided to no longer play the game of being puppets to the royal family, just as they chose not to be puppets to the Phalange’s fascism. Instead, popularly the people of Spain have rose against their shackles to the beat of reviving their former Republic. Realizing, what was taken from them and vowing to restore the honor of the Spanish Republic. Spain now stands at the crossroads, as an example to Europe of the necessity to do away with the worn out and decaying system of monarchy and have the people take the reins of society.




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