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An Occupier Attempting to Speak for the Occupied

An Occupier Attempting to Speak for the Occupied

Written by Aaron Peterson | 6/2/2014


In Palestinian politics, out of the past decade. Quite possibly the largest breakthrough in the recent history of the Palestinian people was made, the negotiation and settlement between Palestinian Authority President Abbas and the government of Gaza led by the popularly elected Hamas movement of Ismail Haniyeh to officially end the disunity between the two movements and pursue a peaceful dialogue as one, in the way of representing all the Palestinian people. Not only, was this agreed upon, but it was agreed that new elections would be set forth in order to create a new government by the people. The first elections, since the land sweeping election that brought Hamas into power.


[Unity between two Palestinian territories]

Immediately, the voices of “Israel”, the state occupying Palestine, were in an uproar over the measure. With the Prime Minister threatening collective punishment against the Palestinian people and saying that Palestinian Authority President Abbas would be held ‘responsible.’ Once again, the occupational state has attempted to silence the voice of Palestinians and force them into disunity in order to maintain it’s ease of occupation. It has all to benefit from Gaza and the West Bank being divided. By dividing the West Bank, it allows the leadership in the West Bank to continue waiting for talks that will result in nothing with no settlement to be granted by the occupational forces, as the state has no real motive to do so.


[Anger from the government of “Israel” in light of these developments]

As for Gaza it allows for the government of “Israel” to engage in a one sided siege against the Gaza Strip when it feels the need to do so. It allows for the constant bombing campaigns which they claim as a result to rocket fire, using rockets as a justification for the use of total war tactics against the civilian population leaving behind heavy casualties, if it is reminiscent of anything it is the Warsaw Ghetto. In which, the Nazi government declared their actions to be legitimate in destroying the ghetto as a result to an uprising against the Nazi forces.

The government of “Israel” has attempted to rattle the cages of international politics once again with it trying to hold some sense of domination. In a show of force in result to two rockets allegedly having been launched, it marked the eve of Palestinian unity with an act of terrorism in order to cause fear among the Palestinian people, air strikes to show that it would not recognize the legitimacy of the Palestinian people deciding their own future.. The “Israeli” government has issued demands to the world, where it urges it not to recognize the new unity government.  But for the world, this will most likely not matter, the time where “Israel” has been given the power to dictate with a hegemony and act relentlessly with no consequences is no more, the UN has recognized it’s settlements and status as an occupier as illegal. Added to this, Secretary of State, John Kerry has shown over the past few months in attempts to build dialogue between the two parties frustration in the reluctance of the “Israeli” government to be true with it’s words. What comes with the unity government is simple, it is a real state and voice for the Palestinian people that isn’t divided artificially, it is a step towards real liberation.


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