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The Legacy of Green Libya

                                The Legacy of Green Libya

                Written by Aaron Peterson | June 1st 2014



[Flag representing the former Libyan state]


On May 25th, groups representing the tribal organizations of Libya engaged in a meeting on the future of Libya in the city of Al-Aziza. It was stated in the conference held by the group claiming to be representative of the Libyan tribes (which compromise 98 percent of Libyans) that there were  preparations being made to “retake the country from NATO occupational forces.” It was vowed by the organization, that Libya would be put back in control of it’s rightful owners ; classing the current government as a regime which is representative of Zionism and Islamism, as opposed to the Libyan people. It was heavily emphasized in the conference that Libyan tribal culture is ancient and extremely powerful. The meeting was concluded with a notarized declaration comprising 15 key points, which the organization claiming to represent tribal groups in Libya deemed necessary to restoring the power in Libya back to the tribal organizations.


[Sign for the ‘Conference of the Tribes’]

The declarations were as follows:

  • The dissolution of the General National Conference of Libya, after it having been deemed as illegitimate through popular vote by tribal officials

  • Abolishing all presently passed legal decrees by the General National Conference of Libya, as they were put into place under the force of arms and due to this they are illegitimate

  • Directly abolishing all contracts and international agreements which have been signed by the General National Conference which concern the sovereignty of Libya either politically or economically, as they were issued without proper jurisdiction

  • Dissolving of existing militias and pro-General National Conference military battalions

  • Exiled Libyans being allowed to return to Libya. With their return being organized by the tribal committee of Libya and matters of repatriation and resettlement being organized by the tribal committee.  Along with a general amnesty to those “who do not have blood on their hands.”

  • Releasing all detainees held on political grounds

  • A return of former military and political organizations abolished by the General National Council to return in leadership of Libya

  • Changes in citizenship

  • Addressing the situations that started the Libyan Civil War and equal treatment for the dead on both sides

  • The return of former military and policing officials to their previous jobs with weapons being handed over to the re-organized force by militia groups

  • The recognition after the seizure of power of the legitimacy of the new Libyan government by the African Union and United Nations

  • Promises of the protection of Libyan citizens

  • The rejection of any meetings or conferences, unless held in Libya

  • Welcoming all groups towards national rebuilding

  • A transition phase be created in which the tribal groups of Libya and a Supreme Council are to manage the country, until at such a time it has been established the ability for parliamentary and presidential elections

                      The effects of the newly declared resolutions by the group claiming to represent Libyan tribal groups has yet to be seen. Libya at the present moment has been undergoing violent clashes in relation to militant groups and attempted coups given continued instability following the civil war. Among the anti-government militias, the Green movement representing the former leader Muammar Gadaffi, have been active in various forms throughout the country.


[Gadaffi Loyalist]


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