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A Message of the Afghan People

Free people of the world;

Honorable people of the world, of all nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe: The people of Afghanistan bring fraternal greetings through proxy, as  the words written represent the situation which they have been subject to. A country which is 652,000 km2with a population of nearly 32 million of which a third of the people (7.4 million) are unable to get enough food to live healthy lives. With another 8.5 million (35 percent of the population), being on the borderline of food insecurity. With 400,000 a year affected each year by natural disasters. A people which have been the victim of foreign led conflicts since 1979 beginning with the intervention of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, the funding for the Mujahideen by the United States of America and the ensuing conflicts that have resulted from this, including a civil war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance; a United States led invasion and ensuing violence between the former Taliban and the United States led forces and the Afghan government which they have backed. In the conflict which has been on-going since 1979, upwards of 2 million have been killed directly from violence which has been backed by various governments; the former Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation), the People’s Republic of China, the United States and Pakistan to name a few, who have used the people of Afghanistan as fodder for proxy wars for their own benefit, against the wishes of the Afghan people to decide their own destinies without foreign interference. The millions of people in Afghanistan; the men, women and the children have been starving for knowledge, food, better living conditions, progress in society and actual peace in Afghanistan for too long. For over 30 years, the people of Afghanistan have been unable to live their lives to the fullest with the meddling in their affairs that continues to this day and they face extreme corruption, violence, religious fundamentalism, illiteracy and starvation resulting from the meddling.

Speaking on behalf of the progressive Afghan people, this serves as an address for their needs which have been represented for through organizations such as the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and all fraternal organizations aligned. On the behalf of a people who, have had to accept both the positive aspects of their past history (times of progress and peace) and the history of the present and it’s negative aspects.

For all of the people of Afghanistan who have suffered as a result of these conditions.  Expressing the views of secularism, democracy and progress for the people of Afghanistan in light of the present conditions who have been suffering for far too long in the darkness. Begging of the world to show their solidarity to the people of Afghanistan in this present time, as opposed to pushing for more bombs and bullets to be used in Afghanistan, when far too many guns and bombs have been used in attempts to bring about peace, leaving out graves of former governments and leaders in their wake. It consists of a tragic chain of events which are painfully cracking the foundation of the world. A world in which the Afghan people have been used as cannon fodder in wars between the great and semi-great, coming under attack by armed bands of all types and being subject to violence to pillage. A world in which nations eluding international law, command groups of outlaws who guns in hand live by this plunder at the expense of the people of Afghanistan.

I make no attempt to lay out political or social doctrines here. I possess no great truths of prophet qualities. My aspirations, are to be able to speak for the Afghan people who have remain unspoken for, in simple words to give a message of fraternity to the world in asking for solidarity as to their present situation. To speak on behalf of one of the most “greatly disinherited peoples of the world,” those who belong to the bombed out outskirts of nations which have been exploited and have been looked on as savages by the people of the world with no understanding of the situation faced by the people of Afghanistan. To state, while I may not make these people understood in the eyes of the entire world, the reasons for asking for the world’s solidarity instead of further bombs and support of violent movements which only cause more blood to be spilled.

All this indicates is a call for calm and solidarity among the people of the world, whose governments have been interconnected to the situation faced by the Afghan people. Allowing the world to understand, that in order to properly demand their rights and a better future, will require a time of calm where progress can be unfolded with relative peace and an end to foreign occupation and the legitimacy of warlords which span the division and violence in Afghanistan.

No one should be surprised upon hearing that Afghanistan has been associated with the ‘third world’, nations which have been held in contempt and subject to political, social and cultural alienation. Instead asking to place Afghanistan and the Afghan people in a world without leading credence to the troubled history that Afghanistan has undergone, without pushing on Afghanistan the term a ‘decay of a nation.’  Rather asserting that Afghanistan belongs to a greater world, in which it can be among equals of all nations and use education in order to make progress without foreign interference and the funding for bombs and weapons by parties outside of Afghanistan. To create a very special feeling of solidarity among the people of the world, to built mutual ties and interests in such progress on an equal level between the people of Afghanistan and the people of the world.

[Signed in the name of all Afghan people who have been deprived of progress, food, peace, democracy and the ability to pursue proper education and have been under the effect of war after war]


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