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Ukraine: Anti-Fascism Not Russian Nationalism | Insights on the Donetsk Situation and the Crisis in Ukraine

A brief critique on the on-going Donetsk People’s Republic movement written by Aaron Peterson May, 31st, 2014:

Political profiles of the Donetsk Movement of the Donetsk People’s Republic

Pavel Gubarev


has used the present crisis between far-right nationalist groupings from Kiev against the tide of opposition in Eastern Ukraine to seize a prominent position within the Donetsk People’s Republic as People’s Governor.  Gaubraev who has formerly been a notable character in the Neo-Nazi paramilitary Russian National Unity[1]. Gubarev’s early life presents a slow and steady rise to power in the current crisis after being an active member of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, in itself a moderately Left nationalist party sympathetic to Russian nationalism and a Russian identity for the Russian ethnic minority in Ukraine.  Gubarev notably was an advocate of pan-Slavism in the Progressive Socialist Party and a dominant character when it came to promoting this faction. Gubarev entering the major attention of local politics was marked though not by his activity in the Progressive Socialist Party, it was after he had left the Progressive Socialist Party and began affiliating with a rising separatist movement in  Eastern Ukraine, notably Donetsk by leading protesters who were opposed to the government in Kiev in acts of civil disobedience such as the blockading of roads during the Crimean Crisis. It was from this leadership that Gubarev rose to local attention and was able to contest successfully in the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, the position of People’s Governor.
[1] Gubarev’s involvement in the organization RNU has been alleged by Western sources and the press in Kiev alike. But despite this, it appears at the present point that these allegations are unsubstantial, the group he was involved with was a short-lived party in Donetsk under the same name

Alexander Borodai

serves as the Donetsk People’s Republic prime ministers. Controversially, Borodai  has connections with far-right organizations. Being an editor the magazine far-right magazine ‘Zavra’ and being a co-founder of an internet television channel with prominent far-right sympathizing Russian journalist Alexander Prokhanov who when asked to describe Borodai publicly proclaimed he was a ‘true White nationalist’. One of Borodai’s claims is that prior to his placement in Donetsk, he was responsible as a conflict mediator in the Crimea working as an advisor to the Crimean governor Sergei Aksyonov. Arriving in Donetsk after his work in the Crimea to “speed up the annexation of  Donetsk to Russia”

Igor Girkin

images (14)

on the other hand appears to not politically exist in the spotlight. Serving as the supreme commander, the self-appointed title of leadership for the Donbass People’s Militia. According to many sources, Igor Girkin is a former intelligence colonel of the FSB, who appears to have gone rogue in his supporting and leading of the Donetsk armed grouo, the Donbass People’s Miltiia. This has led to public denial by the FSB of any relation actively with Igor Girkin’s role in the crisis in an attempt for the Russian government to remain on a side of neutral resolution as opposed to direct interference in Donetsk. However, Girkin’s former ties have raised questions in the eyes of the media about his actual allegiance, whether it remains with the Russian government’s interests or with the people of Donetsk.

Of the current political leaders in Donbass as separatists by these profiles, a picture is painted in similarity to the equally far-right movement in Kiev which has violently engaged in tactics of siege against the Donetsk people. Where the Donbass independence movement in this form is only a different shade of ethnic chauvinism and far-right nationalism, as opposed to the solution to the crisis stemming from the allocation of militants of far-right political parties of Right Sector into key Ukrainian agencies and of Svboda (The largest Ukrainian fascist party) and other elements of the far-right serving as major influences in the policy of the Ukrainian government, whose legitimacy has been questionable..

In contrast, the line being taken by other Ukrainian parties Ukrainian parties opposed to what is perceived has been an illegitimate government has been more of an all-Ukrainian solution. Particularly represented by the movement Borotba which has become of notable status for it’s defiance against the current Ukrainian regime and opposing the elections, even when other prominent anti-Kiev groupings where in favor of contesting the election. The line of Borotba is that the nationalism should be opposed as it is a same tool that allows for exploitation and only offers the same conditions of oligarchy as Ukrainian nationalism has done with the replacement of formerly corrupt oligarchs with a new set of oligarchs. Recognizing the failure of the liberal democratic state in Ukraine as a result of the excesses of the oligarchy, leading to what can be described as a fascist coup in accordance with Borotba’s statements on the matter.. So what is the way forward for Borotba? An all Ukrainian movement focused out of equality and rights for all the Ukrainian people, East or West, with an emphasis against predatory nationalism. Whilst at the same time maintaining a hands off campaign for the people under the bombing and terror campaign by the Ukrainian government of Kiev.

 In further understanding of the on-going situation in Ukraine, an interview was made with a Ukrainian journalist named Dmitry:
Dmitry: The lefts here understand the complexity of the whole struggle and the necessity to push through own agenda amidst rivaling nationalisms. Our comrades already standed against ‘conservative turn in Donetsk republic’http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.com/…/against…

Democracy and Class Struggle: Against a conservative turn by the People’s Republic of Donetsk…
Dmitry: However, I should make a one small clarification about Gubarev – he by all means is a kind of pro-russian/pro-soviet activist. But his membership in neo-Nazi RNU has some details – our and western media have immidiately clinged to his words in interview that he was in RNU – but they don’t mention the fact that it was not russian neo-Nazi paramilitar group – but short-lived project of the party that existed in Donetsk in 2006 under the same name. You can understand it if follow the link in our wikipedia clarifying this moment
Dmitry: So, he is conservative pro-soviet/pro-russian but neo-nazi RNU – it’s a kind of manipulation
Dmitry: Here’s the detailed investigation of the case about ‘RNU’http://users.livejournal.com/_devol_/850087.html
However, it doesn’t mean that he is our comrade or that we support him and his policy.
Dmitry’s statement about the current conflict: Now we must focuse on stopping the war in Ukraine because main victims are mostly civilians – and the war just deepens the split between Ukrainians and helps far-right from both sides to set people against each other
Dmitry goes on: Yes, in any military conflict the influence and importance necessarily gain those forces that have more armed militants. Since the lefts in Ukraine have no Red Army or something like that – so, their demands are just ignored in a war-time. Moreover, the military conflict contributes to the rise of all kinds of fanatics (those who are easily ready to kill and die) – they gain the most influential positions. And in our times such kind of people are mostly religious, nationalist, conservative end the like.

If one thing is shown most important by Dmitry’s statements it is that the people in Ukraine who are suffering due to the current conflict between the opposing forces are getting stuck in the crossfire of nationalist militarism. The only people who stand to benefit from such a situation are oligarchs and far-right extremists on both sides. If anything is needed, it is mediation and mending in order to preserve the state of Ukraine, as a multi-national, all-Ukrainian state to be shared by everyone peacefully.


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