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Independent Republicanism: A Rising Force in Ireland

Independent Republicanism: A Rising Force in Ireland

Written by Aaron Peterson | 5/30/2014


From the ashes of hope, came a triumphant victory for the people of Ireland. The election of Gary Donnelly,

an independent Republican candidate, who unrelentingly ran under the campaign of serving the community of Derry and being an uncompromising Republican. Uncompromising when a time, where the leadership of the dominant party in the North in Nationalist areas is Sinn Féin, which works more so today than ever before to serve a position of remaining in power and benefiting from the partition of Ireland and sectarianism. Donnelly stood with all odds against himself having been stacked by the Social Democratic and Labor Party, Unionist political parties and Sinn Féin; all of which who used tools of media manipulation in attempts to demonize the  independent Republican candidate through propaganda in order to put forward the idea that Gary Donnelly was a man who represented violence. To no avail though and with hard work and dedication, the people of Derry came out in droves to elect the independent Republican who promised but one thing to be honest and committed to the principles of Republicanism and to support the working class against exploitation and austerity. 1,154 votes, 1,154 voices spoke out popularly against the political trends and hegemonies present in the six counties of Ireland, they took a stand unaffected by the presentation of Donelly by the media, that Donelly would represent their interests the best and so, in a Mandela moment the independent Republican candidate Gary Donelly against all the odds in his way was elected popularly on the afternoon of May 24th.


The initial ecstatic bursts of cheering were present. A crowd of supporters roared in support of the newly elected Republican council member. So it was set in stone with that election, seemingly small to many that the politics of the six counties of Ireland could be challenged through the arsenal of independent Republicanism. Crushing the preached in quotations that only a small inconsequential minority supported independent Republicans who stood on platforms against the British occupation. It was at this point where fear and worry set in among the political parties devoted to preserving the present state of Northern Ireland, which stands as a remnant of British colonialism being divided by an artificial border into six counties from the 26 counties. For, if a independent Republican could contest an election and popularly prevail against his opponents, then what else could be done? Could a new force be firmly set in place that brazenly would speak out to the people of Ireland and the government of Britain against the occupation of their country and to firmly stand up to on-going issues which involve the use of MI5 as a dominant force in the policing of the PSNI, continued internment by remand of former political prisoners with their licenses having been revoked, intimidation forced on
Republican communities, continued occupation and the politics of neo-liberal austerity?


Shown by the election, to their fears the answer was yes, that the people who they scorned and mocked could come to power through the means of the people in order to serve the people. It stands now as a prophecy that an independent Republican movement can be victorious. Not only victorious, but outspoken. That a new generation of Irish men and women can serve the cause of Republicanism independently and ensure that the values of Republicanism, that of working class emancipation and protection from capitalist exploitation, could be protected. That a new tone could be politically created in the political establishment, the tone of uncompromising anti-imperialism in all respects to the British government and British system. Gary’s election and success only stands as a recent example of the coming rising of the people. People who will begin to demand more, demand real revolutionaries to speak for them and to firmly stand against the system which pits brother against brother, raises rents and offers them despair. That voice is now resolute in it’s calling for justice. It doesn’t speak to a scripted tone of the political establishment instead it transcends it. Does it look at the situation of the six counties through the eyes of the security state and relentlessly rail against political violence from ‘Dissident
Republicans’ whose violence continues to stem from remaining conditions? No! The new independent Republican voice, understands that from history the politics of condemnation and attempting to delegitimize all actions of armed organizations is futile. It was so with the case of the Irish Republican campaigns waging on from 1922 to the present, and even though with the Good Friday Agreement in effect, it continues to remain without victory against the Irish Republican Army, though in changed forms and groupings continues to exist and to threaten the British state apparatus.


The new answer of independent Republicans towards condemnation as such, is that it serves no purpose other than for the self-satisfaction of what remains a security state with political policing in order to serve it’s interests. Only time will tell the future of Ireland and of independent Republicanism in the North. Although, at the moment one thing is for certain. The people of Ireland are beginning to see through the cracks of farces that were given to them and with their seeing through the cracks, they have began to demand justice. The type of justice that can only be provided through a new era of political figures and activists that rail against the present system. With this being not only want, but a necessity. Time may show that the politics of independent Republicans challenging the state and the conditions can indeed be very much successful. With that success, changing the political and social environment of the time and remaining as authentic figures in their view points and representation of the people.



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