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The Ethnic Scapegoating of Eastern Ukrainians

                The Ethnic Scapegoating of Eastern Ukrainians


Written by Aaron Peterson | 5/27/2014

The ethnic scapegoating of Ukrainians of Eastern descent exists in effect by a very twisted logic. The rationale behind the scapegoating of Ukrainian national minorities? To further stoke the Western-Eastern Ukrainian division that remains a historical root of all conflict in Ukraine. It exists as a matter of convenience for the Kiev government to shovel it’s problems by the playing on the old line of Western Ukrainian nationalism, than to face the hard questions of it’s very legitimacy

One doesn’t need to look far to see the twisted logic of scapegoating, it appears with the phrasing of Eastern Ukrainians as “Russians” in the eyes of their Western Ukrainian counterparts. In effect, dehumanizing a large set of diverse ethnic minorities. Historically, this serves as a dangerous precedent to acts of ethnic cleansing. In so far, it presents an argument that “the problem is not the fault of the system in place that fall short and fails to represent the people.” Instead, the problem is presented as “the fault of a national minority that must  be dealt with.” In the case of Ukraine, the Kiev government uses Eastern Ukrainians as this scapegoat, dubbing all faults derogatorily on the Eastern Ukrainian population with the terminology of “Russian”. Seeking to disconnect the Eastern Ukrainian people as human beings and citizens of Ukraine.

The terminology of “Russians stirring up problems in Ukraine”, is a eerie reminder of the language used by German fascism towards Jews, Communists and Social Democrats by the Nazi Party. The scapegoating of the Roma by the Iron Cross regime in Romania aligned with the Axis powers. In fact, the language used is a shared one presenting a section of society as alien to the rest, and as a result subject to brutality of the worst caliber.

Of course, history continues to show the dangers of these attitudes. In the case of ethnic scapegoating and brutality by the government of Yugoslavia towards the split-off republics of Croatia and Bosnia in particular, for the global West such actions meant immediate war. The same response though for the Kiev government’s reactions, has yet to come. Unlike the case of Yugoslavia, there has been the need of the parties empowering the Kiev government to continue doing so, both in words and actions. Particularly, the chaos and actions being dictated by the regime in Kiev offer unprecedented benefits to the United States government, NATO and EU; offering the expansion of US and EU markets and NATO influence of course, at the cost of the Ukrainian people. By the time the actions of the Kiev government have been called out for what they are, it will be too late with the blood on the hands of all involved parties.


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