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Ukrainian Red Army

          The Ukrainian Red Army

Written by Aaron Peterson |     5/26/2014



The formation of the Ukrainian Red Army marks the creation of the newest in line of armed political groups in Ukraine stemming from instability. In particular, the formation of the Red Army comes in light of the massacre in 2014, in which at least 40 trade unionists were burnt or beat alive by Right Sector Neo-Nazi militants and their supporters in the trade union building in Odessa.  It as well corresponds in action to the political crackdown by the Kiev government against elements which challenge the hegemony of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism. In response to the crackdown, several organizations have sprung out in various parts of Ukraine, both peaceful and armed in nature. Most notably of these organizations, the Donbass People’s Militia, which aims for self-determination for the people of Donetsk against the Kiev regime and Neo-Nazi paramilitary forces, such as Right Sector. In the heart of Ukraine, not as a separatist faction, a new organization has joined the ranks of the anti-fascist resistance — The Ukrainian Red Army.

An all-Ukraine armed grouping, formed as a result of the political crackdown on nominally left-wing political opposition by far-right paramilitaries and the regime in Kiev. It comes from the shadows, at a time of farce elections which have a mere representation of 17 percent of the population and are plagued with vote-stuffing and intimidation by far-right paramilitaries.  With the elections being summed up as, a collection of oligarchs and fascist elements hand chosen beforehand in order to ensure a member of the oligarchy is either directly elected or a member of the far-right is, representing their aims are served.

Against the tide of the arbitrary elections, the URA,  began their campaign of dissent against it’s first political target, a polling station in Kherson with incendiary devices.  In the Tauride district, where the elections were set to take place, the URA was responsible for striking a total of at least three polling stations with incendiary devices. With each member of the URA who had engaged in guerilla action, having escaped being dubbed in the pro-Kiev junta press as unknown assailants.


The official statement of the URA followed their day of action, “As a result of the coup in Ukraine, a junta of big capitalists and neo-Nazis rose to power. The bloody events in the Donbas and Odessa show that Kiev reactionaries will not stop at nothing, in an effort to maintain its dictatorship . Today, the popular forces of resistance to the junta are being  driven underground. Many have been arrested or have fled the country, and the rest are hiding. When there was a possibility of peaceful resistance, we used it. Today, when the neo-Nazi terror claims the lives of dozens of people, when our fellow comrades are kidnapped by paramilitary forces in broad daylight on the street, talk about peaceful resistance comes as being too late.” A quote remarks, the formation of the newest urban guerilla movement against the Kiev led government and a movement serving as an antithesis to Ukrainian fascism, and that is by Malcolm X “We are non-violent with people, who are non-violent with us.” With the violent nature of Ukrainian fascism, it has only signified the mark of violent resistance towards it, and so with the foundation of the Ukrainian Red Army and the actions of pro-independence forces in areas such as Donetsk, this struggle becomes more remarkable by the day.


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