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The German Elections of 1933, Ukraine 2014

The German Elections of 1933, Ukraine 2014

                             Written by Aaron Peterson | 5/26/2014



According to exit polls in Kiev, Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko stands at the lead of the electinos with more than 55 percent, with rival Yulia Tymoshenko, of the Fatherland Party gathering a mere 12 percent.

The figures presented by the Central Election Commission, paint a grim picture of an all time low voter turnout, with a nationwide turnout being under 50 percent. This stands in comparison to the elections of 2010 which had a 67 percent turnout and of 2004, with a respective turnout of 76 percent.

In Donetsk and Luhansk (Eastern Ukraine), the overall turnout was under ten percent. In most other areas a number over 45 percent stands as a rarity, even in the areas under firm control of Kiev.  This came despite previous warnings by the Central Election Commission of Ukraine that holding elections in a number of areas in Donbas would be impossible, effectively depriving two million at the very least of a right to vote in the elections. Additionally, it was warned by the NGO, Committee of Voters of Ukraine on the 23rd of May that 10 percent of voters in Ukraine, excluding Crimea now under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, would be unable to vote. Unable to vote they were, out of a nation of 42 million, only 36 million were eligible to vote in the election with a turnout of under 18 million. Yes, the democracy so vehemently promised by the ‘Maiden’ movement with the support of the European Union and the United States government gives a turnout of only a quarter of Ukrainians and calls it ‘democracy’.

Where exactly is the democracy? It certainly is somewhere else far away from the present elections. Not only plagued with a record low voter turnout, but with clear and focused voter intimidation by Neo-Nazi paramilitaries. The paramilitary Right Sector, in particular was chosen to be put in control of the Ukrainian Security Service. Ensuring that the paramilitary, was to be in charge of election security, because if anything represents a legitimate vote, it’s a far-right private army with deep roots to fascism that can be summed up quite clearly as the re-birth of the Waffen SS.

The question of legitimacy now has to be asked and it’s rather clear towards what the answer is. How possibly could this political process be undertaken when the same providers of ‘election’ security (Right Sector) are responsible for gunning down civilians in Eastern Ukraine, which can only be called a warzone? Furthermore, with an ounce of sanity left possibly remaining, how can election plagued with paramilitary intimidation, a turnout of at most a fourth of the population and the repression of non-“Maiden” parties be considered legitimate?


One comment on “The German Elections of 1933, Ukraine 2014

  1. Aaron: The Writer
    May 27, 2014

    To my esteemed ‘friend’ from the Ministerswo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego (Polish Cultural Ministry), I would question the acceptability in the Polish Cultural Ministry to be directly making pro-fascist statements going so far as to say:
    “”If that’s 1933, than Russians are the new Jews, Russia is the New Israel, and every criticism of her policy is purely anti-semitic?””
    Of course, responding to this it must be pointed out that:
    To begin with: It is 1933, in the sense of dominant fascist paramilitaries that have orchestrated both a coup a terror resulting in a military junta in Kiev, with the Neo-Nazi paramilitaries being at the forefront of security services; with less than a fourth of the population voting and 10 million of the population being unable to vote, with Oligarchs benefiting much like in the German fascist situation from the Ukrainian Banderites.

    “Russians are the new Jews” and this is where the open fascism seems to stem up, what exactly are the “new Jews”, it is so clear that the forces of fascism and the Hilterian ones and it’s puppetry in particular, including Bandera were set on the extermination of the Russian population in the midst of the Great Patriotic War, as shown by the Banderite and Ukrainian SS criminal actions in Western Ukraine, which targeted Russian national minorities during the period of occupation.

    As for the latter part, there is no need to respond.

    No attempted, however was made to disguise where the comment was originating from with it linking straight back to the Ministerswo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, which is on the behalf of these individuals, extremely sloppy work.

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