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Afghanistan: The Prison State

With the revelation of the United States most massively targeted state subject to 24/7 surveillance being Afghanistan. Nearly every phone call or other form of communication being made intercepted, in complete disregard to personal privacy and without context of targeting specific individuals. The aims of the United States government once again are shown publicly in relation to it’s occupation of Afghanistan.  The intention that is for Afghanistan to serve as an outpost state in Central Asia, serving as a front line political and economic post against the People’s Republic of China in particular. Achieving this aim through the force of military might, aligned warlords and a corrupt government with it’s backing. A government, needless to say with significant ties to the opium trade. In an attempt to secure Afghanistan for the interests of the United States having a foothold on the so-called oil basin.



[Above photo: NSA spying]


At the cost of the people of Afghanistan of course, who have suffered from brutality at the hands of the Western backed regime and the former Taliban government, now waging an insurgency. In order to secure US hegemony in Afghanistan, the United States have both turned an eye to and assisted warlords with the export of opium. Warlords in Afghanistan, who have engaged in acts that can only be described as depraved for the sake of violence in itself.


[American military troops protect a poppy field field; where opium will later be processed]

The latest confirmation of Afghanistan being under 24/7 surveillance only rectifies it’s true objective. An objective principled out of neo-colonialism; to be a victor in the new “Great Game” with Afghanistan secured as it’s outpost. the farce of Afghanistan’s self-proclaimed democracy, now lies in view after the massive vote rigging that was strife in the last elections and now a confirmation that Afghanistan is for the United States government, a prison with 24/7 surveillance with no regard of who the individual is, or is it not, just the fact that the individual is Afghan.


[The new ‘Great Game’]

What remains for the people of Afghanistan? The victims of decades of proxy conflicts and occupations is a bleak future. A choice between two sides of the same coin, the warlords and the corruption of the Northern Alliance, or the opposite side of the same coin, the Taliban equally carrying fundamentalism, corruption and brutality with it.


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