A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer



I came searching for your paved streets of gold and dreams of great wealth meanwhile I sit in a cramped destitute apartment without a single green piece of paper to my name

You have no time for my personal well being, yet you have the time to drop bombs globally,

where exactly are your priorities?

Young impoverished youth get shot down in blood blood at a rate which makes your scaremongering of terrorism pale in comparison,

do you expect me to follow along like a blind sheep when I can see the blood covered all over your hands?

You had the money to bail out the banks,

but you’re telling me you have no money to help me keep my house that is being foreclosed on?

TV tells us dope is bad and you can get locked up for the possession of narcotics,

but aren’t you still in bed with the same warlords and government of Afghanistan who exports the opium?

The more I try to understand you, the more absurd it gets , why can’t you just stay where you are?

Instead of spreading like a virus with your bases and antics serving as fuel to the fire of hate,

and America, while you’re at it do you mind not trying to start a new Cold War?

Your backing of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and Syrian salafis isn’t fooling anybody,

or is that never ending dream of NATO expansion

Oh, and do you mind giving me a little privacy

I would prefer you didn’t listen in on my every bowel movement

Good night America,

I’m going back to sleep because that’s the only way to comprehend your dream



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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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