A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

Verbal Guerilla

Waging a psychological warfare with words of attrition is my specialty,

implanting the seed of dissent to explode at a moments notice with no sympathy

Lynching landlords, bosses, bankers and Uncle Tom’s without an exception verbally,

campaigns of asymmetrical vengeance stemming from a pen to point the finger at imperialism globally with reality and punishing it vocally

The one their weak infantile minds underestimated returning back to the plantation with phrases made out of nitroglycerin,

no mercy for the old slave owners or their offspring controlling you economically, these words set them to fire like the napalm they spit on the children of Vietnam

Going on until no one is left, filled with holes of verbal shrapnel from the loaded barrel of the people’s voice,

Mr.America, Sir European Union and the bastard child NATO, now’s the time to duck out as the deadbeat father because gripped in these hands are the hidden documents connecting the dots of the crimes you never thought would get out

If you want to stand face to face I’m resurrecting the spirit of the Viet Minh and the Black Panthers,

to launch missiles of damnation that will decimate the lies dribbling from your mouth with the cracks in the structure revealing nothing but the truth



One comment on “Verbal Guerilla

  1. illuminaughtyboutique
    May 21, 2014

    “words of attrition”

    Awesome. 🙂

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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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