A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

The Young Prince

Disgusted with the excess of royals and serfdom, a young prince departed from home,

shedding all objects of wealth setting out aimlessly towards distant lands of his kingdom

Wandering through slums with eyes opened to the starving laying in their own excrement,

hearing the pain and tears of coughing ragged people crawling almost lifelessly through the dirty streets

Shocked of the visions and ridden with guilt, the young prince could find no strength to carry on with his journey,

cowering in a shelter made of twigs as rain poured while cloudy days and dark nights passed passed

Visions of suffering constantly flashed before his eyes,

emerging as a man when he realized the meaning of his destiny to fight for the voiceless

Thoughts of bread and land for those whom had been deprived of such guided his way to where he once happily called his home

Conspiracies and plots to correct the wrong filled his mind as he stood in front of his father, the king who welcomed the young prince home with preparations of a great feast,

the young prince felt obliged to give the great feast a show of the likes which had never been seen before

The most luxurious and exotic of foods from the furthest lands filled the banquet room as the smirking young prince approached his father,

embracing the king in a heartfelt hug the young prince slid a a sharpened dagger hidden in his palms through the kings the almighty king’s back

Seeing in the face of the king, the suffering inflicted on others as his life began to slowly fade away,

in shock the young prince fell to his feet

The visions of suffering once more filled his mind as in an act of final absolution the prince lit the fuse where black powder lay concealed stitched into his chest,

in a crashing explosion the cries of the aristocrats were silenced

Absolution of the sins of the young prince’s father finally had been attained,

through cleansing by fire



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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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