A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

The New Cold War Kids

What do the people need?

“Education!” Not sanctions


sanctuaries for inner city children

Attempting to escape the hell of Wall Street’s society,

seeking refuge from the horrors outside

Libraries closed; shut down by cuts,

cutting the youth razor sharp with a blade of greed


With expectations of the same young men and women,

to serve as the “new cold war” kids

So this government can wage,

nightmares in Ukraine and Syria

NATO as it’s bully-boy,

you have the funding for that?!

Money in stacks to raise tensions,

back to the M.A.D days

Re-creating the realistic threat of the atomic bomb’s clouds,

vaporizing hundreds of millions, killing upwards to the billions

For your god damn swelling hegemony stretching,

across this forsaken globe


You’re telling us these cuts are necessary?

When the military budget is high enough for world conquest!

Wanting kids from the ghetto to follow the drums of aggression towards a new cold war

Russia didn’t cut us

Putin didn’t force impoverished families into the ghetto

No Russian’s invaded half the globe under the lies of “freedom and democracy”


Still wanting the youth of America,

to die for you and your corporations?

When afterwards veterans of your illegal little adventures abroad,

are tarred and feathered; left to rot by you!

Oh, American government, you might think,

everyone’s dumb enough to be led along

Taking another sip of coca-cola,

increasing their risk for diabetes and obesity


God damn you,

rulers of America, for using our names to justify your actions!

Truth is,

kids and common folk from the ghetto have more in common with those in your sights than they do with you

Because it was the same bald eagle that scratched them raw,

leaving them behind for the jackals

Oh, how can we forget the mass incarceration of blacks and latinos,

locked away for the pettiest of crimes when the privileged get off and walk?


You want us to turn another cog for your god damn empire?

Word on the streets,

leave it to rot; the people are done



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