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The Mistakes of Arab Spring: Egypt

The Mistakes of Arab Spring

Written by Aaron Peterson


In the case of the revolutionary situation in Egypt of 2011, a part of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which led to the ousting of the military leader Hosni Mubarak, a myriad of mistakes, were made in the relation to the revolt. There existed prior to the revolt within Egypt, no true mass organization in order to represent the working class and toiling elements of Egyptian society. Directly resulting from this, the revolt had been hijacked by the Sunni Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood and other political elements both representing political Islam or liberalism that served in the interests of the United States government’s political hegemony in the region. Eventually, the result was a complete reversal of the cause and gains of the revolt through a coup undertaken by the Egyptian military, installing the elements of the old regime back into power.

The working class and toiling elements of Egyptian society had been betrayed by the lack of organization to serve their cause of revolution. Under no circumstance could a true revolution in their interests have been waged without the integral requirement of party structure.  With the lack of such existing structure, there existed not a voice to lead and serve the testaments of the revolution in the interest of the working class.  This ensured that the revolutionary situation for the Egyptian workers and toilers could neither have been lead or defended to it’s core.

Ensuing from the lack of proper organization was the direct existence of a situation that led to confusion resulting in individualistic action. Without the roof of a revolutionary mass organization, any action resulting had been doomed to failure.  Both wasting the revolutionary momentum of the time and resulting in the hijacking of the Egyptian revolution.  In the case of Egypt, such hijacking occurred directly twice, first by the Muslim Brotherhood and then through the coup of the Egyptian military.


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