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Oslo and Now: No Meaning, All Words

Oslo and Now: No Meaning, All Words

Written by Aaron Peterson

Peace talks? After 11 years of failed negotiations since the Oslo Agreement of 1993. The continued nature of the Israeli state engaging in actions, which can only be classed as a “campaign warrantless, unnecessary violence against the population of Palestine.” Combined in effect, with the complete disregard toward UN actions and resolutions pertaining to it’s continued and unashamed violations of international law. The rapid settlement process depriving local Bedouins and Palestinians through both the armed force of a loaded gun and a bulldozer.  Secretary of State, John Kerry, just now however, has decided to give the government of Tel Aviv, the “hard talk.” At the same time subjecting the Palestinian population to yet another series of futile talks, in which by all the Israeli regime, as shown by past and present only intends to violate and march upon.

The general attitude of Washington is one that imposes on the parties involved in the talks, to recognize Israel, as a “Jewish state” in order for progress to be made. “Jewish state?” A single ethnic state, for a single ethnic group? How in the world could such a thing be justifiably recognized?




Should the African National Congress under the rule of apartheid in South Africa have recognized apartheid South Africa as a “white state?”  With Nelson Mandela as it’s leading figure, for talks to go forward should this have been a requirement? The same as South Africa’s experience, the South African state was not a “white state”, it was and stands as a multi-ethnic African state.

Just as the greater land of Palestine is, a society made of Palestinians, Arabs within Israel, Bedouins, Druze and amongst many others, foremost a Jewish population.  An acceptance of Israel, as a “Jewish state” would be but an acceptance of ethnic supremacy.  In which such a state, would serve only for a single ethnic group, ensuring that all others within being second class citizens.

Continuing as well, is the same tone and rambling of “extremist groups.” In particular of Hamas, an Islamist party which was popularly elected within Gaza by a vast margin of the population. In what sense can the United States government be allowed to pick and choose, what is moderate and what is not? The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, in the aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and the Morsi election were dubbed by those in Washington as ‘moderate.’ The same designation has been applied to the “Free Syrian Army”, whose largest and most well-known brigade is radically Islamist and known as the Farouq Brigades. The Farouq Brigades imagery, which includes the black flag of jihad, in combination with crossed swords and various jihadist slogans, one of which rises out of an assault rifle.

Farouq Brigades.jpg

Yet, Hamas, a popularly elected party in Gaza, unlike the unelected “Farouq Brigades”, which has never been elected to any legitimate post,  cannot go forth for talks or even by recognized as a legitimate organization representing a large section of the Palestinian population. The question stands now, how can any talks be relevant  or serving for the Palestinian population without all parties representing the Palestinian people being brought to the table?

It stands as well, how is it that the religiously fundamentalist Likud ruling party in Israel, is in itself a dangerous mix of religion and politics, be considered moderate? When as an inverse, the popularly elected party which is Islamist not be recognized as such? So long, as these double standards remain, the situation of negotiations and talks will remain futile.

Perhaps, it is time for Mr. Kerry, for but one time to be genuine. In so far, applying his own words of tactics of 19th century colonialism being unacceptable in the 21st century. All of which at the same time, Israel proceeds to carry out the propping up of settlements declared illegal by the United Nations, at an unprecedented volume. Is this not the textbook definition of colonialism, in which the British and French were responsible for in the 19th century?

It is due time for Secretary of State, John Kerry, to stop with the hypocrisy he echoes. For if the Secretary of State, is genuinely wanting to solve the never ending ‘crisis.’ It must be realized by himself, that it will take more than the same empty words and outdated diplomatic policy. Empty words and diplomatic policy, that have gone from the beginning of such negotiations in Oslo in 1993, nowhere at all.



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