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The Objectives of the Anti-Fascist Resistance of Ukraine

The Objectives of the Anti-Fascist Resistance of Ukraine

Written by Aaron Peterson | 4/30/2014

Much to the displeasure of the global West; the United States, NATO and the European Union. The people of Eastern Ukraine have decided to stay steadfast in their struggle against the Ukrainian junta based out of Kiev. Rejecting it as an illegitimate regime that rose through the power of violence largely driven by the fascist forces of the Right Sector paramilitary movement and it’s political wing,  Svoboda, a notorious Neo-Nazi movement in Ukrainian politics. Along in their support of the illegal and violent coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine were by the numbers, corrupt members of the Ukrainian oligarchy, who had out of opportunism  placed their support behind the movement of the far-right.

The members of the fascist movement in Ukraine are self-proclaim themselves as acting in the legacy Stepan Bander, a Ukrainian collaborator with Nazi Germany and the Galicia SS.  Through the UPA, Banderites were responsible for the deportation of within the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) were responsible for the deportation of Ukrainian Jews to face killings in concentration camps, along with the carrying out the extermination at the very least 100,000 Poles.

It has been the action of the Ukrainian military junta which serves as an undemocratic face to legitimize the fascist movement in Ukraine through the absolving of the Right Sector as Ukraine’s ‘National Guard.’ A move deathly similar to the Serbian experience in which, Željko Ražnatović’s paramilitary force ‘Arkan’s Tigers’, one of the bloodiest of the Serbian paramilitaries responsible for the forced detaining, killings and tortures of non-Serbs, was touted as the Serbian Volunteer Guard by the government of Sloban Milosevic.

In light of the rejection of a democratic solution to the so-called ‘Ukrainian crisis’ by the members of the illegitimate government in Kiev, popular resistance movements have sparked in Eastern Ukraine. In particular, the Donetsk People’s Republic and resistance of common Eastern Ukrainians in rejection of the government of Kiev. As of 4/29/2014, the anti-fascist resistance issued and agreed upon a basic action program against the Kiev junta.

What has called for is the calling of referendums for self-determination, as per Article I of the UN charter which declares “To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.” As per, the UN Article I of the UN Charter, it is an universal right of the people of Ukraine to decide upon matters of self-determination through democratic referendums.

The boycotting of the elections of the Ukrainian government due to the inherent illegitimacy and a blanket ban and suppression on parties opposing the so-called Euromaiden Movement in Kiev. Instead, for democratic control to be declared directly and autonomously to the regions of Ukraine resisting the Kiev junta.  To go along with the boycotting of elections in the illegitimate post-coup Ukrainian state, it has been the stated cause of the anti-fascist resistance in order to continue the celebration of Victory Day on the 9th of May. Which commemorates the victory of the allied forces of WWII over fascism, particularly the capitulation of Nazi Germany by the USSR, concluding in the successful victory of the Battle of Berlin.  The Ukrainian junta in Kiev has attempted to suppress and cancel such celebrations in similarity to the government of Latvia, which has chosen to honor Latvia’s Waffen SS battalion, Latvia’s collaborators with the government of Nazi Germany.

Recognition of Russian as a national language which the Kiev government have been intent to deny for a vast majority of Eastern Ukrainians who speak Russian as their national language.  In addition to the amnesty for political prisoners in Eastern Ukraine.  It has been the stated of objective of the resistance against the government Kiev junta, to both reject and undermine the mass media of the Kiev junta which serves the behalf of the West (NATO, United States and European Union.) Following this, an inherent recognition that the government of Kiev has risen through the means of an illegitimate violent military coup against the former democratic state.  As such and due to the foreign backing of the coup, the charter of the anti-fascist resistance has called for the rejection of Western intervention in Ukraine; which include economic, military or political actions against the Kiev justice.

The anti-fascist resistance against the Ukrainian junta in Kiev has also called for mass demonstrations throughout Ukraine in order to implement the power of the people against the forces behind the coup. To supplement this, it has been a called objective to support the tactics of civil disobedience in rejection of the orders and actions of the Ukrainian government post-coup. Finally, the anti-fascist resistance in the Ukrainian has declared that it is the destiny the Ukrainian nation to be decided by the hands of the people, without foreign interests or intervention taken into account.

With the declaration of an official program of action, the Ukrainian anti-fascist movement has officially given itself a voice. A voice to speak to the world with and reject the government of Kiev as being illegitimate. In order to carry out it’s duty of anti-fascist resistance against the Svoboda movement and other far-right forces that have gained mass power through the coup in Kiev.




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