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America and Nazi Germany’s Revived Zombies


America and Nazi Germany’s Revived Zombies

By Aaron Peterson | 4/27/2014


Sparks of a United States foreign policy out of control. The train is off the tracks and it’s heading in no actual direction. The chances of collision are only growing higher. In Ukraine, the promoted attitude by the United States government through it’s foreign policy, was one of usurpation of a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Perpetuated by Western backed opposition groups through a campaign of violence, including those predominately farther right of the political compass.

An unholy alliance of the forces of NATO with technocrats, oligarchs and violent extremist Neo-Nazi paramilitaries and political parties, namely Svoboda (Formerly the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine) and it’s Neo-Nazi paramilitary Right Sector.  Both of which proclaim to carry out the work and legacy of Stepan Bandera, a former collaborator with Nazi Germany. Bandera who himself was responsible for helping Nazi Germany during WWII deport Jewish Ukrainians to be murdered in Nazi death camps.  As well, Bandera, remains responsible for the massacre of upwards of 100,000 Polish citizens during the massacres in Volhynia and Eastern Galacia by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s Northern Command (OUN-B).

The vision of democracy as proclaimed by the United States government, has been clearly distorted. With an ultimatum, that such a vision has been left meaningless. The breaks on the train of United States foreign policy have been cut off spiraling into the wind. No longer is there any sense of control. Policies of pragmatism and diplomacy have been all but abandoned. Instead, what has replaced these policies are Reagan era-esque, policies of deadlines and if the deadlines are not met in proper fashion according to the Obama administration, much like the repo man, what will occur is either threats or direct military action against the party who has had the scarlet letter placed on them.

Much has been shown in this attitude in relation to Ukraine. When the people of the Crimea, democratically voted to rejoin the Russian Federation, threats arose. Along with, adjoined accusations of international law violations by the Russian Federation.  Secretary of State, John Kerry, was one of the primary accusers. While at the same time, Secretary of State Kerry, has been involved in the funneling of funds and weapons to Syrian jihadists and the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

The question of the time was whether the Russian Federation had occupied the Crimea? The answer, more so was directly clearer than anything ongoing at the time, and the answer was clearly no, it had not. Under the Partition Treaty on the Black Sea Fleet signed on May 28th, 1997 and made effective July 12, 1999, the Russian Federation had been granted the ability to maintain a fleet in the Black Sea and upwards of 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems, 132 armored vehicles and 22 military planes in the Crimea.  An extension in 2010,the Kharkiv Pact, had been notarized and put into effect as well, with the Russian Federation agreeing to a 30% price drop in natural gas sold to the Ukraine for the right to maintain it’s presence in the Black Sea and Crimea until 2042.

Ferocious was the war of words and accusations stemming from the Obama administration. Kerry, United States Secretary of State, had the audacity to question the legitimacy of the referendum. Suggesting the Russian Federation had ‘bullied’ the people of the Crimea into a yes vote, as per it’s presence in the Crimea. The hypocrisy was astounding, Kerry, a member of the Obama administration denouncing legitimacy of an election due to military presence? Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya come to mind. All countries with a high presence of US-NATO combat troops, ready to shoot and kill when ordered to do so. Did this make the previous elections in the formerly United States occupied Iraq illegitimate? What so about the elections in currently occupied Afghanistan or Libya with a heavy NATO presence, does this by proxy make these elections illegitimate?  Kerry seemed to tie the own noose around his neck in this case arguing it clearly did by proxy, or was this a case of American exceptionalism?

America knows not what it does… At the same time arguing, a skewed ‘democratic’ view that the new government in Kiev was legitimate. The United States government has to the present turned a blind eye to the presence of the  presence of the Neo-Nazi paramilitary force Right Sector in it’s attacks on civilians in Donetsk and Kharkov, Eastern Ukraine.

Despite or perhaps in the very light of the terror the people of Donetsk, came out in droves. Launching movements of independence from the Kiev government which no longer was representative of their regional interests. In particular, The People’s Republic of Donetsk was popularly declared by former members of the security forces, miners and a vast majority of the common people of Donetsk.

The Right Sector movement of Neo-Nazis, declared their defiance to this democratic decision. No doubt, as the Right Sector movement is anti-Jewish, anti-Russian and against Ukraine’s national minorities. This led to attacks by the Neo-Nazi militant group on the People’s Self Defense militia checkpoints to Donetsk and attempts to siege through them in order to ethnically cleanse the  citizens of Eastern Ukraine under the call of “killing all Russians and Jews.”

Where has the response been from Kerry and the United States government in relation to this? To date there has been none. What has been sparked is beyond the control of America or the European Union… A new fascist international with the Neo-Nazi groupings of Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary and the New Democratic Party in Germany, strengthened by the perceived propaganda victory by Right Sector and Svoboda in Ukraine. The danger is clear and present, the horrors of Auschwitz, Nazi Germany and it’s puppets spring to mind.

The chances of far-right terror in mainland Europe stand at an unprecedented level. Terror in the style of Anders Breivik, who in Norway on the 22 of July 2011, was responsible for the killing of 77 civilians. While ethnic cleansing in Ukraine as a result of heightened tensions and balkanization appear to be reaching a boiling point. It’s clear now, everyone at risk; whether in Ukraine or in mainland Europe.


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