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The Turning of the Blind Eye to South Sudan

With the threat of famine in South Sudan: the Secretary general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, launched on Wednesday a call in relation to South Sudan, where a million people are threatened, according to him, suffering a famine caused by the fighting and the rainy season.

[First picture UN secretary Ban Ki-moon]         [Second and third pictures; the dire situation in South Sudan]

The splitting of Sudan was artificial.Now what we are witnessing in Sudan is further internal strife due to the separation of the nation along ethnic divisions. What comes to mind is the French division of Rwanda of the Tutsis and the Hutus and of the Congo into elite classes and the non-elite in order to divide and conquer. Need we forget? The SPLA were responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Sudan using child soldiers, engaging in mutilation and kicking people off their land. (Not only the SPLA in South Sudan, but the SPLM in Darfur who were the first to kick people off their land when Chevron came for oil exploration) Now South Sudan, stands divided from the greater Sudanese nation on ethnic boundaries and the people of South Sudan and of now North Sudan are no longer to benefit from a mutual benefit of the oil of the land. When you see the ‘humanitarians’ speaking for South Sudan or Darfur, you rarely see them take responsibility for their actions afterward. George Clooney, has yet to respond for his part in the division and take responsibility for the internal strife even though he was so valiant in the call for the splitting of Sudan along colonial lines!

No doubt you’ve heard of the so called ‘Kony2012’ phenomenon where the former Ugandan warlord/militant had been severely demonized by the Western media through a campaign of slander based on outdated information from 2006. The Lord’s Resistance Army by the time the phenomenon arose has been severely demobilized with little more than hundreds in it’s ranks and it’s military capability completely destroyed. While at the same time, those who propagated the campaign the Jason Russel ‘Invisible Children’ clique posed several times with the Southern People’s Liberation Army with RPG’s and AK-47’s; which has used far more child soldiers than the Lord Resistance’s Army has ever dreamed of doing, nor has committed nearly as many atrocities. There’s been
a shifting in attitudes of the West in relation to Sudan and Northern Uganda. In Northern Uganda, the Lord’s Resistance Army have been demonized into a group of the depraved and the ‘white man’s burden’ to ‘protect the innocent Africans from themselves’ in the old neo-colonial attitude, as we saw with the phenomenon related to Kony. Even when the United States government, the campaigners and others were operating directly with the Ugandan government of Yoweri Museveni, the dictator of Uganda. Whom has used mass numbers of child soldiers in his conquest for power, has slaughtered opposition members and has remained a brutal dictator to Uganda. (You should note here: Not even Idi Amin used child soldiers, Museveni introduced the use of child soldiers to Uganda) Uganda’s dictator has taken part in the massacres in the Congo, the plundering of resources, the slaughter of the Northern Ugandan population, facilitating coups any many other crimes; except this has been completely ignored by both the UN and African Union. Why the turning of the blind eye to the crimes of Museveni?  [http://www.blackstarnews.com/global-politics/africa/should-gen-yoweri-museveni-be-tried-by-icc-for-crimes-against-humanity-and] Where’s the voice of the so-called humanitarians towards this, the Western slackctivists and their ilk?

[One Sudanese nation, not divided along ethnic lines.]  [Second picture: Child soldiers of the SPLA/M; the largest user of child                                                                                                                                                                                     soldiers in Africa]



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