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The Never Ending War Economy

The United States Department of Defense is expected to spend over $1 trillion on acquiring a fleet of the fancy stealth jets. But while concerns have been raised repeatedly regarding the program for years now, some new reports suggest that the military might soon sign-on to buy other state-of-the-art aircraft.

That is a trillion of your very own tax dollars, that could have been used towards education, towards providing welfare, feeding/housing the homeless and building an actual healthcare system in this country. Instead what was your money spent on? Your money was spent to the tune of a trillion dollars on fancy stealth jets that Boeing has said aren’t even that stealthy at all! Welcome folks, to the economy of war. It’s a global economy of arms manufacturing, and it doesn’t matter who the enemy is or who the ally is. The weapons either have to be used against someone for some reason (It really doesn’t matter — You can call it democracy, against terrorism or even humanitarian if you wish) but they have to be used or sold (to countries who will use these weapons against their own people or another people waging war) in order for the profit margin to sky rocket, and the profit margin will sky rocket. Because that’s just the way the war economy works in the United States of America.

 Why yes, we love war. Why wouldn’t we love war? Despite, the trillions of your tax dollars that go towards needless spending of needless weapons in order to wage more needless wars with the same consequences of soldiers dying in vain and being brought home, with the VA fogging off their families and letting Veterans die. The United States loves war, it just can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s in the media, whether it’s in popular culture, the news, TV or anything else. You won’t see anything other than the massive and over inflated phallus of American arms manufacturing, recruitment and threatening global or regional conflict to whoever it is and like stated previously it just doesn’t matter who it is, because behind every missile fired, every bullet, every unit produced — there’s a dollar to it. And they’ll be damned if that dollar isn’t spent in order for them to profit.


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