A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

The Disappeared

Words without action,

are as echoes in the wind

Being left unheard by the masses,

to crush their rusty shackles

Burn a single building; it’s criminal,

burn a thousand, it’s political action of consciousness

From the barrel gun,

the people’s truth is delivered loud enough to deafen their enemies

Soldiers turning their rifles on the people…

“Heroic!” Honors they receive from their masters for their heinous acts

Responding to the viciousness of those upper-branch men,

“Terrorist!” They defame the people, staring down the sights of their barrels

Swine of the upper branch bidding the soldiers,

their acolytes to mowing down pregnant women, husbands and their children

Mutilating the corpses  digging their lead out,

with sharp brazen knives to cloak their criminality

Beware, son, don’t venture out too far,

their mines will maim your legs, the rifle butts will beat your face bloody

Winning hearts and minds?

The people need not conquistadors for their minds, nor their hearts

And what about the disappeared?

Taken away in the night with no trace left behind

How are the people meant to compromise when,

you have attacked their mothers, brothers, sisters and sons

Kidnapped innocent daughters from their beds,

flying them bound and gagged out in your black helicopters far in the sky and throwing their bodies in the ocean for the fish

Never will the people forget, nor shall they forgive,

for you’ve poisoned their minds with a stain thicker black than oil!
A poster with desaparecidos faces


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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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