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Reform or Revolution?

Reform or Revolution
By: Aaron Peterson
Saturday, April 19, 2014

The sheer amount of irony of Provisional Sinn Fein’s position lies within a single quote of opportunism by Gerry Adams prior to the Sinn Féin Ard Frd Fheis of 1986. Here Adam’s is quoted: “There can be no such things as an Irish nationalist accepting the loyalist veto and partition. You cannot claim to be an Irish nationalist if you consent to an internal six county settlement and if you are willing to negotiate the state of Irish society with a foreign government.”
– Gerry Adams, 1984


[Pictured Gerry Adams President of Provisional Sinn Féin]

With, the exception in which within, the Good Friday Agreement, the Provisional Republican movement has completely accepted the Unionist position. The creation of a revolutionary movement in the 26 counties formed out of the masses in order for human progress and dignity instead has been abandoned by the Provisional Movement for reformism. In addition with the direct abandonment of the position of national liberation in the six counties of Ireland through armed struggle against the forces of British occupation.
The position has been abandoned, how so and what for? Is the answer not for the marginal power of Gerry and Provisional Sinn Fein and the Judas gold which has been given as a gift by the British government? The abandonment of the position of national liberation became clear when the Provisional Movement became a part of the British establishment serving the British state and the promotion of British occupational institutions namely the PSNI (Backed with MI5 support) and the British army who lay in their barracks on wait for put the people down and fill the streets with blood, just like they did in Derry, 1972.

[As seen above: British ‘demilitarization’ as offered on the Foyle Road in Derry. Remember the 14 unarmed demonstrators which were shot down by the British military troops in Derry?  the Provisional Movement chooses not to when it doesn’t convenience them personally.]

The Provisional Movement has no ability of power, to call a border poll in order for reunification with the 26 Counties of Ireland (The Free State). In order for a border poll to be accepted under the Good Friday Agreement it has to be given the grace of the non-elected so-called ‘Secretary of State’ of Northern Ireland. A completely anti-democratic position who has been appointed to the ‘people of Northern Ireland’ by the British government based out of Westminster. Even if such a border call were called, the Unionists of the Six Counties would be able to veto the call for re-unification. What is called into question further is that of re-unification with the 26 county Free State government, as it currently stands. Rejecting the striving call for the cause of mass revolution in the 26 counties along with the rising of the masses in revolution in the six counties in order to found in the creation of a new Ireland, a new republic, a new democracy, a state of justice and equality.

[Gerry Adams reveals his true colors in the picture above]

What for? Provisional Sinn Fein now serves in Stormont, as the upper class of Irish Nationalists/Irish Republicans. They use the struggle in which valiant men had given their lives for in order for the accumulation of capital and in order to provide themselves with a comfortable position. A position in which Provisional Sinn Fein have committed themselves to the British institution in exchange for political power given and authorized by the British government. The Provisional Movement now sits in their suits in Stormont promoting austerity for the North and engaging in populist campaigns for the South. In conclusion, what the Provisional Movement remain are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
What is the difference between the openly Unionist so-called Irish Nationalists and Provisional Sinn Fein? One does not proclaim to hold within it, the spirit of national liberation and revolution of the Irish Republican movement. One, however engages in the smearing of the Irish Republican revolutionary tradition of anti-imperialism, socialism and brotherhood.

As of April 2014 the conditions faced by the Republican prisoners in the Maghaberry remain unchanged. Republican prisoners are faced with blatantly sectarian taunts and beatings by an overtly Loyalist prison staff. Prisoners are faced with frequent strip searches. Prison wardens using extreme force have left prisoners naked and handcuffed to their beds. Cold and substandard food is served regularly and the prisoners’ health is deteriorating. Their only means of supplementing their diet is with food from a “Tuck Shop” which can be suspended for 21 days at a time. The prisoners are not allowed to use outside of cell toilets, the men have been using milk cartons to urinate in which is then poured under the door of the cell onto the landing. The men were using cell windows to dispose of excrement but the warders blocked up the windows. The prisoners are living in filthy conditions not fit for human habitation. Failure by the British government and the Police Service of Northern Ireland to implement the August 2010 agreement has seen the Republican prisoners take protest action in order for their rights to be met as Political Prisoners. Just like the the British government failed to criminalize Republican prisoners in 1981. If further action is not taken to implement the agreement of 2010 and to improve the conditions for Republican prisoners in the Maghaberry Prison, there could be a frightening repeat of the events of 1981.

[Pictured: Maghaberry Prison]

The uniforms, the times, the names and the parties may have changed. What has not changed is the situation which remains static in the occupied six counties. In which, Republican voices remain silenced by the forces of the crown, where internment is still a fact of the time through the remanding of licenses, blatant political policing and disparity between sentencing for Republicans and Loyalists is openly obvious. The question, every Irish Republican needs to ask themselves is if they are to bow to the the lackeys of Stormont who proclaim to support them and accept reformism in betrayal of Republican tradition or to instead push for a revolutionary situation.


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