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Ukraine: ‘¡No pasarán!

By Aaron Peterson
A Mind Infinite, April 16, 2014

In Eastern Ukraine, one unarmed protester defiantly dissenting against the junta in Ukraine has been shot dead along with 12 injured after demonstrating outside of a Ukrainian Military Base. Live ammunition was used on civilian activists, who went out in mass to reject the Ukrainian Junta and neo-Fascism. There has been no human rights call for these individuals who were fired on with live ammunition that was seen in the so-called “Euromaiden.” In which the duly elected government of Ukraine was demonized for apparently using rigorous force against protesters of the far-right. Is it no longer a crime to slaughter the dissenting opposition, or does it matter who is dissenting in the eyes of the United States government?
Mariupol, April 13, 2014.(Reuters / Stringer)
[Protesters gather in mass at a Ukrainian military base]

Additionally, there was a  call in one of the Right Sector  ‘Euromaidan’ site about ‘Borotba’ (A Ukrainian trade union that has been outspoken against the Kiev junta and the fascists of White Hammer, Right Sector and the ‘National Guard’. Police in Kharkov stormed the Bortoba Union, tearing apart the offices of ‘Borotba’ union and directly harassing opposition members a part of Bortoba opposed to the Ukrainian junta. This was due to an anonymous phone call by far-right Nationalists, most likely ‘Right Sector’ paramilitary members.’ Apparently what were seized by the police of the Ukrainian junta were: Makarov pistols, molotov cocktails, cold steel helmets, body armor and mass leaflets proclaiming calls against the junta in Ukraine and against the ‘Right Sector’ fascist paramilitaries along with their political wing Svoboda (Formerly the National Socialist Party of Ukraine). One has to wonder the authenticity of this so-called weapons haul in Kharkov, where at the same time… The police who serve the Ukrainian junta allow free pass to the militants of Right Sector to openly have weapons, explosive devices and military related items which have been used in order to maim and kill Eastern Ukrainians opposed to the Kiev regime.
Photo: Borotba

[Pictured: Borotba rallies against the Kiev regime]

Upon this incident, leaders of Kharkov ‘Borotba’ have been declared as wanted by the Ukrainian junta. According to certain data, they have taken to hiding fearing retribution of the Ukrainian junta, show trials and extrajudicial killings. The Borobta Union is made up of several groups of dissenters, including Anarchists, Marxist-Leninists and other of the left spectrum who have opposed the junta in KIev. In Kharkiv, on the 13th of April, it made an important role in the protests against the Kiev Junta. As well, on the First of March, Borobtba was involved in the storming of the Kharkiv regional administration along wit several protesting groups in order to declare their self-determination and resistance to the Kiev junta.  Far Right paramilitaries are now threatening the people of Eastern Ukraine with harassment and intimidation in order to gain information on the meeting places and other activities of the Borobtba Union.

[Sergey Kirichuk of the Borotba Party]

In other news, The paramilitaries sent to crush the People’s Republic of Donetsk refused to shoot individuals in the town of Kramatorsk and surrendered after being blocked by local people. Six tanks seized were seized by the local citizens of Kramatorsk. One of the units, far-right ‘National guard’ sent to crush the Donetsk People’s Republic deserted in whole. Meanwhile, the People’s Republic of Odessa has been declared.

Mariupol, April 13, 2014.(Reuters / Stringer)



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