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Israel-Palestine: One Way Forward

For 66 years, the land of Palestine has been occupied. Nakba, “The Day of Catastrophe” as the Palestinian people denote the day in which Zionist militias engaged in tactics of ethnic cleansing, massacres and intimidation in order to sweep Palestinian Arabs from their homes to either graves or refugee camps.  Effectively making the Palestinian people, a people without a state. For the survivors of Nakba, who fled the terror of Zionist militias to neighboring lands, they were greeted with refugee camps; which included unimaginably desperate conditions, a lack of water, cramped living conditions, severe poverty and hunger. The Palestinian people; a people under siege held tight to the dignity that they were left with, the territories of the West Bank and of Gaza which had not been occupied by the Zionist state. Through attempts of partisan activities throughout the early 1950’s, the Palestinian fedayeen made little gains against the Israeli occupier; supplied by the United States and Western Europe with advanced weaponry. The condition remained static, geographically with the remaining Palestinian territories remaining in the hands of the Palestinian people.

In 1967, the Israeli government launched what is known as the Six Day War. In which the Israeli government once more, with the neo-colonial attitude of conquering the full land in it’s entirety, seized and occupied the Gaza Strip, West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. From this period onward, the Palestinian people had lost what little land that was left to them. Forced yet again, to retreat to the safety of refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Suffering discrimination, degradation and exploitation in their host countries. Brewed hostility after the events of 1967 reached it’s boiling point and the era of popular Palestinian resistance began with resistance by fedayeen groups re-organized in the occupied territories of Palestine and on an international scale beginning in 1968 with the hijacking of El Al Flight 426 which was re-routed from London’s Heathrow Airport to Algeria by the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine. A secular, Palestinian nationalist, socialist organization engaging in acts of resistance against the government of Israel. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, resistance on a regional level and international level continued against the Zionist regime.

The violence was exacerbated by the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 under the false pretenses of blaming the Palestinian Liberation Organization of the attempted assassination of the Israeli ambassador to Britain; with the exception that the attempted assassination had been carried out by the anti-PLO, Abu Nidal Organization. Unleashed in Lebanon by the actions of the Israeli military was a storm of sectarianism with the Zionist government siding with primarily Maronite Christian Phalange militias. Phalange militias which became quickly notorious for their use of violence against the Palestinian refugee population and Lebanese Shi’ites, in a particular notorious incident Phalange militias laid Sabra and Shatila under direct attack. In a scene reminiscent to the putting down of the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion, upwards of 3,500 Palestinian refugees; men, women and children were slaughtered as the Israeli military lit flares in the sky and stood by as the bloodshed was carried out.

This is but a brief history of the situation the Palestinian people have suffered since 1948. To understand the solution to the situation the Palestinian people have been under, one must understand these important historical events. A common argument for a solution by those of the so-called middle ground is the ‘two state’ solution, in which there would potentially exist a separate Israeli state and an independent Palestinian state. What the two state solution offers, is most similar to the experience black Africans in South Africa faced with the Apartheid regime offering them ‘autonomous territories’, which in reality were still controlled by South Africa with the black population suffering state violence from the South African regime. With Israel being a power and political Zionism being an ideology of complete conquest of the land, in order to control the land on a sole ethnic basis, the two-state solution is non-viable. It offers a desperately weak Palestinian state as a neighbor to a dangerously powerful Israeli state with the ideology of the land belonging to as a part of all neo-colonial mythologies the “chosen people” who have sole right over the land above all others.

Jews and Arabs alike must realize, they are victims of a deal gone wrong. The Palestinian Mandate, a British colonial state, had double crossed both sides separating and sewing seeds of distrust among the Arab and Jewish people in order to divide and conquer. In the end, when the British Empire was lost, the British Empire turned their hat in and a decision was made to divide the land along ethnic lines. The very division on ethnic lines of a single culture and ethnic group in the case of the Zionist project, is what bred the violence and mass chaos in the beginning. In order to solve the solution, one must look at the root of the problem, and the root remains the colonial division of historic Palestine.

What is the way forward? The disintegration of the state of Israel and the entities which are part of it. Disintegration to create a single state of both the Palestinian and Jewish people. A united state of all Palestine; secular, democratic and representing all historical cultures of Palestine. Equal representation for both the Palestinian and Jewish people through parliamentary bodies independent of the other guaranteeing self-determination, a security force in which both Jews and Arab Palestinians alike have been integrated into. Unity is the way forward, without unity and equal respect, the future will remain bleak with never ending resistance against the Israeli state and unceasing bombings of the civilian population in Gaza routinely. The people of Israel and Palestine must dare to break the cycle and build a revolutionary alternative to a state of perpetual misery, if not suffer the consequences of failing to do so.



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