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On Race

Race is a key dividing mechanism by ruling classes. This has been the case historically from the British Empire creating artificial divisions and ethnic groups in Africa and the Middle East. To the French Empire, dividing Vietnam into ethnic divisions in order to divide and conquer the people. The same has occurred in the United States, as a tactic in order to domestically divide the people. What wish would there be in order to divide the people? In order to further exploit the people on economic grounds and in an attempt to in the case of dissent use the scapegoat of race in order to build tension between what is the working class. Yes, working class… Note: Middle class is not used in this, the middle class serves as little more than an artificial creation in order to divide as well. It acts as a means to create the sense that there is a middle-ground between the urban and rural poor and the upper-working class who live in better conditions. Yet, the same grounds exist. One is of the working class if they receive a sum of their wage in return for their labor, this is the very definition of working class. The issue of race is used in line with this in order to distract the populace from issues that affect them as a whole and instead in order to turn the issues centric towards racial lines and build a growth of racism in order to furthermore distract the populace from the actual issue. To conclude this, beware of racialism and the scapegoating that goes along with it. It serves the interests of those who seek to exploit one’s labor, to overwork an individual and to deny them what rightfully belongs to them by division. When the police attack a black youth who is unarmed, it is just as much as an attack on all youth of similar backgrounds. When bosses exploit Latino workers due to their ethnicity, it is an attack on all workers. United we are strong, divided we are weak.

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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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