A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

The Circus

The elegant Chinese woman on the trapeze would flip,

with fluorescent clothing that would light up as they hit the sky

With every flip,

the tiny figured Chinese woman would draw herself back squiggling through the air

Hard left,

her face, you could see it was not quite right

The jaw –you could see the flesh,

her face was split in half

After the show when she would get down from the trapeze,

she would cover her split face with fabrics of the brightest colors

Laughing and smiling with the children,

she made them laugh indeed and they knew not of the lady’s condition

The bright color cloth,

made them so cheerfully laugh and roll

Did they not know that she was the dragon lady,

she could suck a whole man’s soul threw the abyss where the jaw should be

Souls, souls,

energized the dragon lady

She ate the children’s laughter,

devoured it whole

This made her laugh,

it made her laugh and roll

All the children went straight home drained of their laughter,

the woman energized laughing and rolling

She flipped on the trapeze once more,

fluttering through the sky

The children how they went home,

fast asleep

She terrorized them in their dreams,

haunting them indeed

She laughed and rolled in their dreams and the children,

when they tried to run away, she cornered them towering the sky

Waving her vibrant fabric around her mouth,

revealing it to them, her horrific lack of a jaw

Stalking behind them, she ate them whole in their dreams,

making the children awake in sweaty terror screaming in the night

The parents they came to calm them down,

only to tell them to go back to sleep

Claiming it was only but a dream,

but the children they knew it indeed was real


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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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