A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer


Half past ten and you’re telling me our love will never die,

you kiss me on my neck and I lay on the bed thinking everything is fine

Nearly past 11, the bath you’ve drawn is overflowing,

water’s coming out the door

I rush in and can’t help but notice,

your breasts in the water soaked with blood

Razorblade beside you,

slitting your wrists you left me here all in my lonesome

Key in the truck ignition,

I’m speeding to the edge of town where the rail road runs

Waiting for the train to come by,

parking in the middle of the railway

The light of the train is coming flaming by,

biting my tongue

I wait for it,

knowing that our love has died

The only thing is right is to keep our promise,

til death do us part

I grip the wedding ring,

the train crashes against the truck

Our love never died,

it went  down in a flaming wreck

The promise I kept,

to ensure that all was fine



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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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